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"Bridled" (pony play).

BDSM art is art with an BDSM theme. The term is usually used for visual art, such as drawings, photographs and rendered art, and occasionally, sculptures.

BDSM art is nearly always adult/adult art (F/F, F/M, M/F, M/M) and often includes elements such as fetish clothing and bondage. BDSM art is often found in BDSM magazines, illustrated BDSM novels, and BDSM comics, as well as online on the Internet, such as on websites, web groups, newsgroups, web forums, etc.

M/M BDSM art is mainly popular among gay fans, and often comes with "gay erotica" characteristics, such as very athletic and muscular tops and bottoms.

BDSM art and spanking art[edit]

Since consensual adult/adult spanking is often considered a type of BDSM activity, adult/adult spanking art can be seen as a sub-genre of BDSM art. Adult/child spanking art, however, is considerably distinct from BDSM art, in that it usually depicts non-erotic, nonconsensual, disciplinary spanking with no BDSM attributes such as fetish clothing or bondage.

BDSM artists[edit]

Examples of BDSM artists who have done spanking scenes: