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An auditorium (plural auditoriums, or less commonly auditoria) is a location designed for an individual and a group to be clearly seen and heard by those sitting in the main body (often called an audience). An auditorium typically has mass seating, in the form of rows of chairs or benches, and a stage ideally at the acoustic center of the room. The stage may be equipped with curtains.

Auditoriums are found in theatres, concert halls, and in schools as a room in which the entire school body can assemble.

Auditorium offenses[edit]

Auditoriums and spanking[edit]

Auditoriums are not normally used for on-the-spot spanking as that would continue the disruption that would earn such a spanking. But on the other hand a public spanking might be preplanned during an assembly either as part or the sole reason for. Such a spanking typically will be the most severe appropriate for the spankee's age in implement and number of swats/strokes. The purpose is normally to deter other students from the offense and sometime to humiliate the spankee.

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