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An assisting person is a third party playing a assisting role in an activity.

Assisting in corporal punishment[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #40
A spanker with two assisting persons holding the spankee's arms. Drawing by 3mfd.
A maid helping to prepare a girl for due chastisement by lifting her skirt and pulling her knickers taut over her bottom. The spanker stands beside waiting, holding a cane or switch.

In BDSM play, such as consensual spanking, an assisting person can assist in the preparation by helping to undress the spankee or preparing the required objects, implements and furniture. When the punishment is in progress, they can help hold the spankee in position or remain nearby and watch. The assisting person can also manage the spankee during corner time and then place them in a new position for the next part of the punishment session. The presence of an assisting person may add on to the humiliation and enhance the ritual aspect of the scene.

An assisting person can also take part in nonconsensual punishment (real or fictitious), and this situation often appears in spanking fiction, medical fetish scenes and other genres.

The role, rank and status of an assistant[edit]

The assisting person can be a second top or another bottom. In either case, he or she will take a middle position in the power exchange.

     Top                               Top
  Assistant top           or            ||
      ||                           Assistant bottom
    Bottom                            Bottom

The status of the assistant will determine how the top will address and instruct him or her. If the assisting person is another bottom, he or she will be submissive to the top in the scene and will take and execute orders. This scenario is often found in spanking studios where there is one dominatrix and several subs/slaves.

If the assisting person is another top (or potential top), he or she can be of about equal rank to the spanker. This scenario is often found in spanking stories and spanking videos. In this case, the assistant will not take orders, but will help on request. An intense emotion can arise (for the spankee, for bystanders, or the audience) when the spanker addresses his or her assistant in a particularly relaxed manner and in polite, friendly or affectionate words, which forms a stark contrast to how they both treat the third person who is about to be punished.

For example, if the spanker and the assisting person are (or play) a married couple (e.g. the spankee's parents), lines such as "Darling, could you please give me a hand?" or "Will you please hold up his hands, my dear?" can take great subliminal effect.

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