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An armchair.
An armchair (Voltaire's seat).


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Artwork by Euticus

An armchair is a type of chair that is equipped with armrests. It is usually a bit lower and more padded than a normal chair. The armrests are usually padded. Modern armchairs often have no legs or have very short legs. An armchair is basically a one-seater couch.

Armchairs are mainly used for relaxed, passive sitting and engaging in light activities like smoking, talking, reading, or watching television. They are often found in living rooms, but also in many other types of rooms.

Armchairs in spanking[edit]

Armchairs are not suitable for spanking in the OTK position because the armrests prevent the spankee from being laid fully across the spanker's lap. However, armchairs can be used in other ways in spanking:

  • The spankee kneels on the seat, and bends over the back of the armchair.
  • The spankee bends over from the rear over the back of the armchair, with the hands or elbows on the seat. The feet may be on or off the ground (or tiptoeing), depending on the spankee's height.
  • The spankee lies face-down across the seat, with the hips resting on one of the armrests.
  • The spankee lies face-up on the seat, the head resting on one of the armrests and the lower back on the other, such that a diaper position is achieved.

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