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An apology is a statement of contrition and implies regret. It can be in oral or written form and is meant to placate an offended person.

Examples of apology phrases:

  • "I'm sorry."
  • "I'm sorry I ..."
  • "I'm sorry for ..."
  • "I apologize."
  • "I want to apologize for ..."
  • "Please accept my sincere apologies for ..."

An apology can also be combined with requests for forgiveness such as "Please forgive me" and/or with promises such as:

  • "I'll be good." — especially from a minor
  • "I'll never do it again."
  • "It will never happen again."

One can also apologize on someone else's behalf. For example, a sibling can apologize on the behalf of the rest of the family to show that offense is not condoned by the rest of the family. A parent may apologize to someone for something their child has done; this later one is also an apology for an indirect offense due being responsible for the child's behaviour.

Apologies and spanking[edit]

The spankee might apologize for his or her offense before, during, and/or after the spanking. At any of these times the spanker may demand the apology. In a typical spankophile scenario, an apology usually does not mean that there will be no spanking, or that the spanking will end. An typical early apology exchange might be:

  • "Please don't spank me. It won't ever happen again, I promise. I'm really sorry, mom!"
  • "Not as sorry as you will be when I'm finished with you! Now get over my lap at once or else..."

Formal, ritualized apologies[edit]

Sometimes an apology can be ritualized. For example, the delinquent has to assume a submissive pose (such as standing or kneeling) and make the apology using specific phrases that he or she has been taught before. These may include further elements such as:

  • confession (e.g. "I've been a very bad and naughty girl by...")
  • agreement that the punishment was well-deserved (e.g. "I really deserved a good spanking for...")
  • gratitude for the punishment (e.g. "Thank you for giving me...")
  • apology (e.g. "I really regret what I have done and...")
  • promise to be good from now on (e.g. "I learned my lesson and promise I will never...")
  • asking for forgiveness (e.g. "Please forgive me...")

Such ritualized apologies may be found in spanking fiction and in spanking roleplay, typically in formal spanking settings such as Victorian boarding schools.

Other meaning[edit]

The term apology can also refer to the justification or defense of an act or idea. The systematic defense of a position is called apologetics.

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