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The Anime Spanking Archive Banner and logo.

The Anime Spanking Archive was the name for the website and separate forum/message board that was set up in August 2006 after the demise of Anime Brats in order to reunite the scattered members of the anime spanking community. The two together were known under the single banner of ASA.

The site was chiefly concerned with spanking in anime and Japanese style spanking drawings, spanking stories written in an anime sytle, spanking Fanfics, discussion of spanking fanart and roleplaying.

Messages were frequently posted as the group was considered reasonably active, the RP section especially could expect 200+ posts a day with at least a dozen threads running simultaneously. The Roleplay section was by far the most active and was a major reason behind the site's creation. Many other threads existed to discuss non-fictional spanking experiences of the members and other related interests.

All spanking artwork was placed directly into the forum message, artists maintained threads with all their pictures linked too using the forum coding to link to the picture which was hosted with sites like Photo-bucket and Pixcastle. Stories were placed instead on the website, which was organised first by type (fanfiction, original characters, series), then by author.

The site was totally free, no registration was needed to view, but unregistered members were unable to post messages. To register, all that was needed is an e-mail and to choose a Username and Password. Registered members were able to add avatars and custom signatures to their accounts to individualise their messages.

The ASA was only formed originally as a temporary solution after the loss of the previous spanking anime community group, Anime Brats, however, in the abscence of any newly created groups or replacements, ASA became a welcome and simple-to-use home for the community.

Regular artists and authors of the forum included: FairBlack/JadeWind (Owner), Hrtofdrkns (Admin), Maru-Sha, _cf, RobM, Cross Chan, Fulgur, Roguebfl, Goombasa, and Lawrence Kinden. This is just to name a few.

The end[edit]

Anime Spanking Archive was officially closed with the opening of Anime OTK in March 2007 after it was superceeded by the successor site. The forums have seen been left derelect and membership closed.


  • The Anime Spanking Archive Forum - This was the forum for the exchanging of messages, reviews of pictures and stories, anime discussion and general spanking chat. NOTE: The site was closed to new posts and members in March 2007 as it was replaced by Anime OTK
  • The Anime Spanking Archive Website - The Geocities site that contained all the stories by the many authors. (closed)