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Anime OTK (also referred to as to distinguish it from, a similar site launched in 2012) is a web forum and community on the topic of anime spanking art based on a model of a web group. It was co-founded in 2007 by JadeWind and Ai. JadeWind seems to have gone a bit into the background after the launch. Another person who co-runs the site is Stoner.

Anime OTK went down in April 2012. Following this closure, a new forum,, was launched independently. This was announced on July 8 by Spankart. On 14 September 2012, the original site was relaunched at This was announced on September 17 by Spankart. For a while, the new .net and the restored .com coexisted. On October 3, an e-mail was sent out by Ai announcing that the new .net had been merged back into the restored .com.

Also following the April 2012 closure, the Spanking Art wiki, which had been hosted by Anime OTK since 2008, was relaunched on May 17 at the new domain


Anime OTK is free to join, all that is required is an e-mail address.

Artists online and resident on the site include Akanamazu, Almond, Arkham-insanity, _cf, Cross Chan, CM Zero, Cc, DT, El Manto Negro, Gauis Marius, JPC, Oscar, RobM, SP Anka, Uasketcher, and Weaver. Their work is available to members of the community in the gallery sections. There are more than thirty artists present on AnimeOTK who contributed new pictures daily. Artists who had once been on Anime OTK but left the site include Ron Wilson and Drooaygah.

Authors include Maru-Sha, Fulgur, Lawrence Kinden, JadeWind and Goombasa.


Although there are only a few specific rules set out, some additional rules of thumb exist for the moderation staff. The webmaster has forbidden the creation of specific rules to define acceptable content with regards child-discipline art.

Site and forum rules

  • No talk about spanking as a child-rearing method.
  • Talking about real children is prohibited, although personal experiences of being spanked can be allowed in context.
  • No language other than English, purely for the purposes of moderation. Some Japanese allowed in context and as dialogue.
  • Requests for pictures/stories are forbidden indefinitely.

Gallery policies

  • No photographs.
  • No computer generated or drawn images that look too real - e.g. images created by Poser.
  • Western art (i.e. non-anime style) is only allowed when uploaded by the artist themselves.
  • No "distasteful" images (e.g. scat, necrophilia, torture), or excessive BDSM.
  • Special restrictions apply to images depicting minors, the moderation isn't based on the characters age claimed by the artist, but is subjectivly decided by the bodytype drawn, child discipline art is acceptable, sexualised images of children and pre-teens is not.

Roleplay policies

Downloads policies

  • No real films may be uploaded to the sites database, only clips from animations.
  • Fiction uploaded must be your own work and appropriate to the site.

More rules and policies are found here, but this list of rules is incomplete.


March, 2007

Started on the 8th of March, 2007, it was created to replace Anime Spanking Archive with a half-site, half-group more in the style of Anime Brats which can host many more features.

Within the first day of being open, more than 180 members had registered and joined the community. All functions were live right from the first moment but the site itself faces several months of work and improvments. The site already has a web gallery for posting artist's pictures, full forums and message boards, personal messages, downloads, an oekaki, and an experimental chatroom.

October, 2007

As of 14th October, 2007 the site had grown to more significantly.

  • More than 7.800 members with 1,500 daily hits from unregistered members and over 14 million pageviews.
  • The daily clicks are in the tens of thousands.
  • There are more than 66,000 posts in 1,200 forum threads.
  • The galleries contain 5,000 images, most of them original art drawn by resident artists with 20,000 comments and contain several gigabytes of data.
  • In the downloads section 180 clips exist of spankings in Animes taken from a variety of sources. The daily data transfer represents an average upwards of 3gigabytes per day which is around 1,000 clips sent to users - however this can climb to almost 6gigabytes with almost 2,000 downloads.
  • There are 260 stories, all of which are written by the resident authors.

At this point, the IRC Chatroom is now hosted on a server owned by the webmasters and the various Roleplay rooms are run off that, the IRC server is free for use and hosts Mina's Forest as well.

February, 2008

In February 2008, Anime OTK started to host the Spanking Art wiki, which had been hosted by the wiki farm Wikia before.

June, 2009

On 14th June 2009, Cc began a discussion on whether certain categories of artwork should be removed from the site and the rules of posting tightened. This was during a partial moderator strike and as a consequence the daily uploads were being flodded with non-anime style art, explicit child spanking art with the genitalia shown and furry art. In this thread, future image policies were suggested by RobM. These new policies were largely subjective to the individual moderator. When offending images were deleted from the Anime OTK galleries later, the manner in which these deletions took place - lack of transparency as to what subjective citeria the mods and the choice of images affected - gave rise to complaints from the affected artists.

September, 2009

Forum Posts have passed 470,000, the vast majority of which are in the roleplay section, with almost 7,000 threads. Resident artists alone account for 6,700 original artworks and many themed contests and competitions. There are now 12,870 images total on the site. This art has acculated more than 100,000 comments, most of which is again on the original art.

April, 2012

Anime OTK went down, and with it, the Spanking Art wiki. Following the outage was no communication whatsoever from the site owner, Ai. Stoner posted a brief explanation on his blog, but nothing more happened. In May 2012, Spankart relaunched the wiki at the new domain In June 2012, LSutton launched a new forum,

September 2012

Following a new posting by Stoner announcing a comeback of the site (and accusing LSutton), Anime OTK returned on 14 September 2012. (This posting has now been removed.)

Art contests[edit]

AnimeOTK regularly ran art contests among its members:

Summer 2010 AnimeOTK Art Contest
Historical Spankings and Spankings during History.
Closed: July 31, 2010
Cc's 2010 Summer Contest
Create a summer-themed spanking picture or story.
Two categories: Art and Fiction
Closed: June 20, 2010
Summer 2009 AnimeOTK Art Contest
Draw a Spanking scene from your favourite Computer or Video Game.
Closed: August 1, 2009
Spring 2009 AnimeOTK Art Contest
Draw a Spanking scene from your favourite Game (no Computer or Video Games or computer game characters).
Closed: May 1, 2009
AnimeOTK Summer Art Contest 2008
Artists create jointly a short manga comic. Each artist draws one page from a basic storyboard provided by RobM, without knowing what the other artists have drawn. F/F.
Closed: July 2008
Goombasa's story art contest
Artists draw fan-art for Goombasa's stories.
Closed: June 30, 2008

Related sites[edit]

Anime OTK site has/had sister sites:

  • OD Anime: launched in 2007, went down in April 2012, not yet relaunched
  • Furry Ai: launched in 2008, sold in 2009
  • Anime Ai: went down in April 2012, relaunched September 2012
  • Yaoi Ai: launched in 2007, went down in April 2012, relaunched September 2012
  • Diapered Anime: went down in April 2012, relaunched September 2012