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An image (in thumbnail view, click to enlarge) of Anime Brats as it used to look, minus the images. This site was owned and created by RSJ1.

Anime Brats (also spelled AnimeBrats or affectionatly known as Brats by its members) was a fan-run free site on spanking anime.

It was set up in it's final form around the end of March 2006 after MSN Oshiritataki, an MSN Group dedicated to anime related spanking, was announced to be shut down as Microsoft withdrew all adult groups from their network and offered a move to WorldGroups. MSN Groups were given a short period in which to move, but when it became apparent that the new World Groups was not going to offer a good service and most members found themselves unable to find the free method to register without being asked for credit card information for the purpose of being charged. In this time Anime Brats was chosen as the successor to the Anime Spanking community to move to instead.

Also joining them was Cross Chan and her smaller MSN group, Patchwork Wonderland.


The site had existed in various forms before-hand but it had been previously dogged by lack of members, poor facilities, slow load times of pages and a rather clunky, counter-intuitive layout.

After the decision was made to switch to the fan-developed Anime Brats group, the owner and programmer, RSJ1, rapidly began a massive re-coding project in which he redesigned the entire site, bought licences with his own money to run many new types of code, a professional forums and a properly designed registration service, personal messaging between members, a shoutbox and a 'What's new' area that displayed the most recently uploaded images, comments, downloads and forum posts.

When all the coding was finished, Anime Brats was launch about a week before the MSN groups were finally closed and the transition was almost completely seamless. All the picture archives (more than 1200 spanking images) were successfully imported into the new galleries and new admins were chosen from amongst the MSN Oshiritataki staff.

The site required registration to access it's forums, downloads and images, but becoming a member was free. All that was needed was an e-mail address and to choose a Username and Password.


Available right from the start was an integrated Comments system. For example, the Image Uploading system, identical in many ways to any on a Yahoo! or MSN group, had the addition of comments that created a message thread for each picture and allowed discussions on each image to be carried out. Files made available for download also had this function.

The Files section was very large, and had seperations for video clips made of Spankings in Anime that members had encoded and for Fanfics, original stories and small 'Fair Use' excerpts from published works that contained spanking references.

The Forums section was split into several sections also. Sections existed for discussion of the site and recomendations of improvements, discussion of artists and authors, real-life spanking, requests for pictures, art contests, story contests, general Anime chat, and a large and involved Spanking Roleplay area.

The image galleries were extensive and many artists, such as _cf, Cross Chan, Collegeboy, RobM, El Manto Negro and Uasketcher, to name but a few, had their own galleries and published their latest works exclusively to this site. Cross Chan had more than one hundred original works on Anime Brats that she made in response to requests from the forums. El Manto Negro ran two art contests on the site, the prizes for which included a personalised Anime Brats e-mail address, an allocation of webhosting and a magic cookie.

It wasn't just artists that were present on the site that had galleries: Japanese artists like Ria/Leah, Ann, Ran-Su and Su, had their entire back-catalogues uploaded into the site. It was highly unlikely this wholesale uploading of what was often entire websites or Bulletin Boards was given permission beforehand, but Anime Brats represented a real archive and had a comprehensive collection of Anime related spanking work from East and West.

There were many Anime related stories and series also created and published on Anime Brats, such as Geomancer by Fulgur. It was also the Original starting point of Arisu and Oniichan by JadeWind, Unlikly Angel by Maru-sha and Devotion by RobM.

An oekaki was created around a fortnight before the end and had around sixty drawings on it.

Anime Brats went through several refurbishments throughout it's time, RSJ1 re-coded and improved it several times over its existence, and it was hailed as the 'best spanking group - ever' by it's members and community because of its features and accessability.

The end[edit]

The Website/Group finally closed in late July, 2006. It had only been open a few months. Althouth the reasons for its closure were never officially disclosed by the webmaster, RSJ1, who has been absent from the community under this Username since, they are known to be because of a severe hacking attacks, made by someone making a personal attacks on certain members of Anime Brats and an un-named Admin. What is definitely known, and most saddening, is that those attacks had nothing to do with the group and it was simply collateral damage. RSJ1 removed the site - and another non-spanking-related site he owned that was also attacked, without any warning - from the Internet in order to protect the FTP in which the site was saved and archived from damage, and to protect the other members of the community from being targetted. This also served as a shield when they moved to a new home.

When the site finally closed in late July 2006, its archives had passed more than 15,000 images of spanking art and more than 100 stories (not counting the RPs, of which there had been more than 500 threads.

During the day, the site could expect more than 200 members to visit and at least 5,000 individual hits a week from registered and unregistered visitors. It had more than 3,000 individual members.

It passed 60,000 hits from 90 countries in its second month. The most popular country for visitors was the USA, with Europe pulling in a large share of the rest, Japan was in the top five with South Korea in the top ten and even Luxembourg, (one of the smallest countries in the world) having pulled in a respectable sixteen visits by the second month. Other statistics include its total size, estimated by RSJ1 near to the end at 2 gigabytes of content and 250 gigabytes a week of data transfer.

New sites[edit]

After the demise of Anime Brats, a new website and separate forum/message board was set up in August 2006, the Anime Spanking Archive. This site, while popular and retaining most of the artists and authors of Brats, has only a fraction of the membership and daily hits. Also it is simply a forum with an additional website for storage of spanking stories, it lacks the image galleries, the integration of all features, and is not a 'Group' in the strictest sense.

Another site that is trying to rebuild the Anime Brats style community is Anime OTK.