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Anal spanking is a spanking given to the inside of the gluteal cleft, on the spankee's anus. In slang, such spanks are also called bullseye (also spelled bull's eye). The etymology comes from the analogy with a dartboard, where the center of the target is called the same.


Any slender spanking implement such as a cane, switch, or ruler, the handle of a hairbrush, a flogger, ball whip, riding crop or groove strap can be used, but safety issues must be taken into consideration with implements. It is a bit difficult to use one's hand for anal spanking, unless the spanker uses only one, two or three fingers. In erotic spanking, it is possible for a man to spank their partner's anus with their penis if both partners assume a suitable position.

It is generally necessary to make the spankee assume a position that spreads their bottom cheeks wide enough to give access to the anus, such as the diaper position or the knee-chest position with spread legs. The spankee can also be required to use their hands to hold their own nether cheeks spread wide open. In punishment spanking scenarios, they are often instructed to not let go until they are told, at the threat of extra punishment for letting prematurely go.

Anal spanking can be combined with other erotic anal activities, involving pleasure and/or pain as desired.

If a butt plug is inserted, it is also possible to give a tap (not a full force spank) on the base of the plug, which is safer than spanking the anus directly. This technique can also stimulate the prostate in males, but care must be taken it won't injure the prostate.

Safety issues[edit]

Due to the sensitivity of the anus, anal spanking is more painful than spanking the fleshy part of the buttocks. It is also riskier as the tissue of the anus is very delicate and can break easily. However due to the special sensitivity and intimacy of this place, and for the extra "naughtiness" of punishing the anus, some people have a special liking for this type of play.

Great precision is necessary if the spanking is intended to hit only the anus and to not accidentally the genitals (the vulva or testicles). Perhaps some sort of protective shield could be come up with (e.g. protecting the genitals with bondage tape). Care is also necessary to avoid hitting the coccyx.

The safest anal spankings are probably those done with two fingers, the penis, or with a lightweight and soft implement such as stinging nettles.