Anal masturbation

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A woman with an inserted butt plug.

Anal masturbation or anal play refers to the sexual stimulation of the anus. It can be done by oneself or by another person. In the latter case it is a form of masturbation of another person. Anal masturbation can be done on its own, or combined with genital masturbation, with sexual intercourse or with other sexual practices, including forms of BDSM.

The term usually includes fondling the anus with fingers or the tongue, but excludes anal sex (penetration of the anus with a partner's penis). Penetration with a penis is considered more a variant of sexual intercourse than a kind of masturbation.

Anal play can involve the use of sex toys such as butt plugs and anal beads, dildos, vibrators and pegging. Anal play, in a somewhat wider sense, also includes procedures such as rectal temperature taking, enemas, anal training and anal spanking. In BDSM, anal play can be used to give pleasure or punishment, or something on the edge between the two.

Lubrication is highly advisable if there is penetration. No object should ever be inserted that could possibly injure the anus, rectum or colon, and also no object should ever be inserted that might go in completely and get lost.

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