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Niki Flynn and Amelia Jane Rutherford in anti-pirating message from Northern Spanking.

Elegance Studios custom video promo.

Amelia Jane Rutherford (real name Joceline Brooke-Hamilton, b. 1977), also known as Ariel Anderssen and Lucy when working for Girls Boarding School, is a British spanking actress and professional bondage and spanking model. With a height of 6’2”, the willowy blonde beauty is one of the most striking and popular figures in the fetish industry.

She is married to Hywel Phillips, fetish photographer and owner of Restrained Elegance (website), an online bondage/spanking magazine featuring romantic and fantasy BDSM stories illustrated by photos and videos – as well as a community of fetish photographers and fans. The site also offers photography tutorials and sponsors the British Fetish Film Festival in Welshpool, Powys, Wales.

At the Restrained Elegance site, Rutherford is billed as Ariel Anderssen. She has also used that name for human animal roleplay performances for Austrian spanking video producer SM-Circus. She appeared, as Joceline, with her husband in the 2016 BBC television documentary Kinky Britain.

Video producer[edit]

Joceline and her husband co-produce highly cinematic BDSM and other fetish videos at (website). Their company has four main divisions:

  • (bondage videos, photos, etc.)
  • Elegance Studios (BDSM features)
  • Silk Soles (foot fetish videos)
  • Custom Videos (based on customer requests).

Joceline stars in most of these videos and also occasionally writes and directs. Her spanking video stage name Amelia Jane Rutherford is used in only one title (Amelia’s Sunday Spanking).

Mainstream acting and modeling[edit]

Under the name Joceline Brooke-Hamilton she has acted in two short films, Restraint (2014) and Passing as well as a full-length independent crime-drama, The Dossier (2015), in which she endures a flogging (film trailer).

She also mantains a personal blog as Joceline Brooke-Hamilton.

A Show Reel made by Joceline of her other modeling work plus acting clips is also available on her YouTube channel.


Amateur Spankings[edit]

  • Amelia Rutherford Interview (photos)
  • Amelia Tests Paddles

Bars and Stripes[edit]

  • Amelia and Aleesha Caned
  • Amelia: A Cell Too Many
  • Amelia in Solitary
  • Amelia: The Lawyer’s Flogging
  • Judicial Punishment
  • The Nude Protest
  • Painful Steps
  • The Pillow Fight
  • Target Practice

Cheerleader Spankings[edit]

  • Amelia Learns a Lesson (2018), photos
  • Annoying Amelia Spanked
  • Cheer Squad Discipline
  • Clueless Cheerleader
  • Dramatic Brat
  • Indecent Behavior
  • Sister's Revenge - photos
  • Stop Shush Spank!
  • Winner Take All

Dallas Spanks Hard[edit]

  • A Try Out to Cry Out (as a cheerleader)
  • Amelia Jane, Hardest (photos)
  • The Crimson Clips 2 (compilation)
  • Girls Gone Red
  • Heads or Tails (compilation)
  • I Dream of Janie (spanking parody of the I Dream of Jeannie TV series)
  • Paddles From Hell (compilation)
  • Rob Banks, Get Spanked (2018), photos
  • The Spanking Hitman (photos)

Delco Video Productions[edit]

  • A Model's Retributon - as Ariel Anderson with Zoe Page (video clip)
  • Andy The Perv (photos), as Ariel
  • Governess’ Choice: Discipline or Discharge (photos)
  • Spoiled Wife

Dreams of Spanking[edit]

  • Ariel's Judicial Caning (2016), full video
  • Ariel's Sponsored Caning (2016)
  • The Avenger's Return
  • The Baroness' New Housegirls (2014), Caroline Grey, Pandora Blake
  • Business or Pleasure (2013)
  • Corporal Punishment (2014), Caroline Grey
  • The Edwardian Governess (2013), Caroline Grey, Pandora Blake
  • The Fix (2013)
  • A Ghost Story (2016), Pandora Blake
  • Intervention (2014), Pandora Blake, Caroline Grey, photos
  • Introducing Mrs Smith
  • Invitations - Caroline Grey
  • Need to Know (2014), Pandora Blake
  • The Morpheus Club: Pandora's Initiation (2016)
  • Mrs Smith's Method (2017), Adele Haze, Pandora Blake
  • Mrs Smith's Method - Behind the Scenes (2019)
  • The Spanking Rep (2017), Pandora Blake, photos
  • The Spy (Caroline Grey, Pandora Blake), photos
  • Teaching Experience (2014)
  • Texan Discipline (2013)
  • Through the Bedroom Door (2016)
  • UK Porn Law Documentary

Elegance Studios[edit]

  • Amelia’s Sunday Spanking (as Amelia Jane Rutherford), gallery
  • Bastinado (as Ariel Anderssen, writer, director, star)
  • Boss from Hell (Chanta Rose), photos
  • Day In The Life (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • #gameofslaves: Ariel Anderssen Rules Infringement (as Ariel Anderssen), photos
  • #gameofslaves: Ariel Flogged (as Ariel Anderssen), photos
  • #gameofslaves: Won Her In A Card Game, What? (as Ariel Anderssen), photos
  • Haunted (as Ariel Anderssen, writer, director, star)
  • Highwayman (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • Pony Girl (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • Pony 2 Girl (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • Pony Girl 3 (as Ariel Anderssen), gallery
  • Roughie (as Ariel Anderssen), photos
  • School of Sock (as Ariel Anderssen), photos
  • Slave Auction (as Ariel Anderssen)
  • Spanking at Job Interview (as Ariel Anderssen), photos
  • Spreading the Love (as Ariel Anderssen), photos
  • Yoga Tease (as Ariel Anderssen), photos

English Spankers[edit]

  • Pet Thief Caught (2019), photos
  • Pet Thief Punished (2019), photos
  • The Sexy Cleaning Company, Episode 17 (2017), photos
  • The Unwilling Recipient (photos)

Firm Hand Spanking[edit]

  • Amelia Rutherford Collection (2006), photos
  • Au Pair Trouble (2012), photos
  • Candid Confessions Interview
  • Bare Bottom Strapping
  • Diva Discipline
  • Spanking Expose (2007), photos
  • Spanking School Expose (directed by Rutherford)
  • Just Married, Just Caned (2020)
  • Marriage Guidance (2012), photos
  • Military Blogger (2012), photos
  • Military Training (2013), photos
  • Winter of Discontent (2015), photos
  • Doctor's Orders (2018), photos
  • various other clips

Girls Boarding School[edit]

When working for Girls Boarding School, Amelia plays the character of Lucy.

  • Fair Enough
  • Never Caned Before
  • New Resident Lucy
  • Old Enough
  • Personal Belongings

Girl Spanks Girl[edit]

  • The Professional Student

Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment[edit]

  • Chelsea Spanks! Amelia-Jane Rutherford
  • Suddenly A Spanking
  • The Teacher is Punished

Northern Spanking[edit]

Real Life Spankings[edit][edit]

  • Amelia Arrives At The Institute - photos
  • Amelia’s Session with The Dean (part 1 & 2), photos
  • Amelia: Strapped by Miss Betty (RealStrappings), photos
  • Punishment Profile: Amelia Jane Rutherford - photos
  • School Swats: Amelia Jane Rutherford

Red Stripe[edit]

  • Addicted To Punishment Caning (Redstripe Films), photos

Sam Johnson's Spanking Studio[edit]

Sarah Gregory Spanking[edit]

  • Amelia The Bad Stripper - photos
  • The Amelia Jane Rutherford Compilation (Room Service or Spanking & Spank Me Kate)
  • Amelia and Joelle's School Spankings (2019), detention, Joelle Barros, photos
  • Amelia Spanks Sarah
  • Amelia's Spanking Therapy (2020), photos
  • The Bad Roommate
  • Badly Behaved Amelia - ageplay humiliation
  • Bathtime Bullies
  • Charlie's Devils (Pandora Blake)
  • Cure for a Hangover
  • Curiosity Gets You Spanked - St. Andrew's cross, photos
  • The Disciplinary Consultant (M/F), Paul Rogers, photos
  • Friends in Trouble (M/F, 2017), Sarah Gregory
  • Garden Thief Amelia - photos
  • Kink School (Pandora Blake)
  • Masked Spanking Stalker Returns
  • The Mischievous Maid - photos
  • Naughty Schoolgirl Amelia
  • Privileged Brat Spanked (M/F, 2017)
  • Punished Party Girl
  • Room Service or Spanking (Dana Specht), photos
  • Rude Amelia Learns Her Lesson (M/F, 2019)
  • Slumber Party Spankings (M/F)
  • Slutty Sorority Sisters (F/F, 2018), photos
  • Spanked At Dawn (M/F)
  • Spank Me Kate
  • Thieving Whore Taught a Lesson (2020), Zoe Page
  • Trust Fund Babies
  • Valentine's Day Spankings
  • Wasteful Tenant (M/F)

Shadow Lane[edit]


  • Candle Wax: Ariel and Niki (Niki Flynn)
  • Cat Girl Ariel
  • Dog Girl Ariel
  • Ducks: Ariel Andersson and Niki Flynn
  • Feeding Petgirls: Ariel and Niki (Niki Flynn)
  • Jump rope Ariel
  • Mutation Ariel - Niki Flynn
  • Petfight: Ariel and Niki - Niki Flynn
  • Ponygirls Ariel and Niki - Niki Flynn
  • Sponge Contest: Ariel Andersson and Niki Flynn

Sound Punishment[edit]

  • Amelia Jane Rutherford Earns the Cane (photos)
  • It's Not Fair!
  • New School Spanking
  • School Party Caning for Amelia Jane Rutherford (photos)
  • Sorry Secretary (photos)
  • Spoiled Brats Get Punished at Christmas (photos)

Spanked Cheeks[edit]

  • A Moment of Madness (photos)
  • A Serious Matter (photos)
  • Breaking The Rules
  • Damaged The Car (photos)
  • Denying Responsibility
  • Drama Queen
  • Drugs Bust
  • Getting Her Car Back (photos)
  • I'm Not Going (photos)
  • International Relations (photos)
  • Jealous Behaviour - leggings, photos
  • Jealous Partner (photos)
  • Late for Work (video)
  • Motivational Measures
  • No Benefit
  • Over My Knee (photos)
  • Paying Attention
  • Punishment After Hours (photos)
  • Reform School (photos)
  • Rent Arrears
  • Sanctioned Punishment
  • She's Been Very Naughty
  • Shoplifter's Lesson (2019), stealing, photos
  • Sneaking Out
  • Teacher's Lesson (photos)
  • Teacher Training (photos)
  • What's for Dinner? (photos)
  • Zoe’s Birthday

Spanking 101[edit]

  • Amelia Exercised Over Spanking
  • Amelia Jane's Strapping Short
  • Amelia OTK
  • Amelia Vs. Pandora OTK - Pandora Blake
  • Amelia's American Punishment
  • Amelia's Triple Spanking Punishment
  • Hot Buttons
  • Lone Star Spanking Party 2018 - Paul Rogers
  • Paddled Schoolgirls Collection No. 1 - Kat St. James, Christy Cutie, Stevie Rose
  • Paddled Schoolgirls Collection No. 2 - Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds, Adriana Evans, Stevie Rose
  • Pandora OTK 2 - Pandora Blake
  • Sarah Spanks Amelia Jane OTK - Sarah Gregory
  • Scorched Volleyball Shorts
  • Strap Technique Female-female - Sarah Gregory
  • Trophy Wife
  • Two Tops, Two Bottoms - Sarah Gregory
  • Welcome To America!

Spanking for Pleasure[edit]

Spanking Sarah[edit]

  • Amelia Jane Punished (photos)
  • Amelia Jane Spanked (photos)
  • Amelia Jane at St. Justs (photos)
  • The Cane for Sophie Parker
  • Dare You Dine With Me
  • A Dog's Life, part 1 & 2 (Pandora Blake), photos
  • An Unexpected Intervention (photos)
  • Driving The Lesson Home
  • The House of Correction (photos)
  • The Love Child
  • Neighborhood Watch (photos)
  • The New Arrival
  • The New Staff Member (photos)
  • Plastic Mac Punishment
  • The Problem With Cherry
  • A Riding Lesson
  • Sarah Sly Private Eye
  • Sophie Parker Paddled at the House of Correction
  • St. Justs Academy for Wayward Girls
  • The Training of the Shrew (photos)
  • Unladylike Manor: A Deadly New Plot (photos)
  • Unladylike Manor: An Unexpected Intervention photos
  • Unladylike Manor: The Lady Must Be Told (photos)
  • Unladylike Manor: The Lady is Punished (photos)
  • Unladylike Manor: The Plot, Part 2
  • The Way to Use a Riding Crop
  • We're Going To Teach You A Lesson
  • You Can't Dress Like That - nun story

Strictly English[edit]

  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 1: Auditions Part 1 & Amelia Jane and the Tutor (E39 2006) 62 mins.
    • Amelia auditions for Strictly English; then, in the role of a student, she suffers the unorthodox motivational methods of Professor Ernest Templeton.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 2: Auditions, Part 2 & English Girl, English Cane (E40 2006) 60 mins.
    • Amelia passes her audition; Professor Templeton completes her punishment.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 3: Her New Position (E48) 68 mins.
    • As the office’s new ‘equality manager’, Amelia conspires to discredit Alan, a colleague, until computer technician Wilf threatens to expose her hypocrisy.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 4: Her Fantasies (E49) 68 mins.
    • Part 1: Amelia is interviewed about her spanking fantasies; Part 2: Wilf and Alan punish their troublesome colleague in the concluding part of Her New Position.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 5: Amelia Jane and the Police Inspector (E53) 80 mins.
    • Amelia wastes police time in order to attract the attention of Inspector Travis.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 6: Student Teacher (E58) 72 mins.
    • The Headmaster insists that Amelia must experience corporal punishment before she can administer it, so he sends her to see Mr Pringle, the gym master.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 7: Client Confidentiality (E48) 63 mins.
    • Solicitor Mr McDonald is troubled to learn that his secretary, Amelia, has prejudiced the divorce suit of Mrs Harding (Sarah Harvey Lewis) by discussing it outside the office.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 8: She Never Learns (E69) 92 mins.
    • Amelia angers Uncle James when she misses a job interview by over-sleeping, applies to work at a pole-dancing club, and spends too long in the bath.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 9: Tears at Bed Time (E70) 73 mins.
    • Amelia endures a weekend of intensive tutoring with Professor Templeton.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 10: Spanked All Day Long (E74) 75 mins.
    • Amelia’s neglect of her course troubles both her uncle and Dr Swales, Dean of Student Welfare.
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 11: Be Careful What You Wish For (E48) 61 mins.
    • Amelia has further punitive encounters with Inspector Travis.
    • Sequel to Amelia Jane Rutherford 5: Amelia Jane and the Police Inspector
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 12: This is So Embarrassing (E87) 71 mins.
    • Uncle James discovers that Amelia has been allowing fellow student (Aleesha Fox) to lodge in his home.
  • All New Girl on Girl Spanking Special (E60) 63 mins.
    • Supplementary scenes related to Amelia Jane Rutherford 7: Client Confidentiality, Enforcing the Rules & Desire, Deception and Discipline.
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 1
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 2
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 3
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 4
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 6 (photos)
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 7
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 8
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 12
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 14 (photos)
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 15
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 28
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 30 (photos)
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 33, Lucy Bailey
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 34 (photos)
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 35, Lucy Bailey
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 37
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 38 (photos)
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 39
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 40
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 41
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 43, Lucy Bailey
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 49, Lucy Bailey
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 50, Lucy Bailey
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 51, Lucy Bailey
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 52, Lucy Bailey
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 53, superhero, photos
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 54, superhero), photos
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 56, Lucy Bailey
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 57
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 58, Lucy Bailey, Catherine Corbett, photos
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 59, Lucy Bailey, sawhorse
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 60
  • The Strictly English Spanking Channel Volume 61, Lucy Bailey
  • 200 Strokes of the Cane - Catherine Corbett, photos

Triple A Spanking[edit]

  • Secretive Spankers in the Woods (photos)
  • Spanked & Showered
  • Spanking Therapy
  • Unwanted Friendship
  • Upskirt Aunt Meets her Match (as Ariel Anderssen, 2018)

Uncle Bob's Woodshed[edit]

  • Amelia Jane Rutherford's LoveSpanking
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford: Scolded, Strapped & Forgiven
  • Five Naked Angels Getting Spanked
  • Spanking In The States (compilation)
  • The Whipped Wife

Well Smacked Seat[edit]