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Alison Payne is a British spanking actress who has also worked under the names of Lisa Payne, Lisa Wigan, and Alison de Brett. Starting her career with Kane in 1992, she was identifiable by her long wavy light-brown hair and Liverpool accent (sometimes mistaken for an Irish accent by American reviewers).

Celebrated for her naturalistic acting and physical resilience, Alison went on to be associated primarily with Moonglow, becoming the star of its Moonglow North division. She retired around 2005, but Moonglow included excerpts of her work in some later compilation discs.


  • Maids in Uniform (Kane 1992), as Mr Baxter’s daughter
  • The Academy of Dr Marcus Blunt (Kane 1992), as Jenny Pennywhacker, with Samantha Kirli
  • An Evening’s Thrash (Kane Live Event 1992), with Larry Barnes
    • US title: Thrasher’s Ball
  • Consequences 1 (Moonglow C02 1993)
  • Staff Cuts (Moonglow C10 1993)
  • School for Schoolgirls (Kane 1994), with Larry Barnes
    • US title: Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire
  • Condomania (Moonglow West W07 1994), as Fiona, with Jenny Greenstreet and John Kirwood
  • Tales from the Rod 3 Part 1 (Spanking for Pleasure c.1994)
  • Thawed Bottoms (Moonglow North N18 1994), with Janine
    • aka Cadet Adventures & Training Officer
  • Video Compendium 3, Part 2: Discipline School (Moonglow North N06 1994), with Ivor Gold
    • aka Class of ’94
  • Severity School (Cavern, c. 1994), with Gillian Taylor, Dominique Wright & Ivor Gold
  • Video Compendium 4, Part 2: The Shoplifters (Moonglow North N07 1995), with Stephanie
    • aka Antique Methods
  • Suffering Sisters (Moonglow West W10 1995), as Mary Smith, with John Kirwood
  • Rattan College, Part 2: Term Ends (Moonglow C05 1996), as Caroline
  • Spanking Dreams, Part 1: Six of the Best (Moonglow C13 1996)
  • Test Thrashing, Part 2: Paula’s Punishment (Moonglow North N01 1998)
    • aka Driving Lessons
  • Whack, Oh! (Moonglow North N02 1998), as Tracey, with Dee
    • aka: Office Pokes & Caned Secretaries
  • The Spanking House (Moonglow North N17 1998)
  • Female Spanking Fantasies, Part 1 (Moonglow C06 1999)
  • Well Thrashed (Moonglow C09 1999), with Jenny Close
  • Alison’s Beatings from the 1990s (Moonglow C57 1999)
    • A compilation of 16 excerpts from her Moonglow & Moonglow North films
  • Spy School (Moonglow C18 2000), with Debbie
  • Army Stripes (Moonglow C25 2002), with Lesley Saye & Sara Benchour
  • Legal Beatings (Moonglow North N13 2002), with Jane
  • Beaten Bimbos (Moonglow North N14 2002), with Debbie
  • Molly’s Hundred (Moonglow North N15 2002), as Molly
    • aka 105 Strokes
  • Teacher’s Torment (Spanking for Pleasure 2003), as Penny, with Tim
    • US title: English Discipline Series – College Classics Special, Part 1
  • Tenant’s Ordeal (2004), with Tom Cooper & Jean Bradley
    • aka Tenant’s Extras & English Punishment Series 38: Part 4
  • The Caning Caretaker Part 1: The Caning Caretaker (Moonglow North N21 2004), with Jane
  • The Caning Caretaker Part 3: The Caning Gamekeeper (Moonglow North N21 2004)
    • US title: Game Warden
  • Humiliated Neighbours (Moonglow North N12 2005), with Jane
  • A Chance of a Lifetime (Moonglow North/Calstar 2005), as Lisa
  • Army Hundred (Moonglow North N19 2005), as Private Brown, with Nicky Montford
  • Best of the Cane (Moonglow C41 2006)
    • Includes excerpts from Condomania, Rattan College: Terms Ends, & Legal Beatings