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Alexis Payne, pencil and wash portrait by Jameslovebirch (2012).

Alexis Payne (born 1956) is a retired spanking actress and one of the best known fetish film stars of the '90s. She has worked with all the major video producers of that era. Between 1990 and 2003 she made an indelible impression as the stern "Mistress Payne" in dozens of whips-and-chains BDSM films. She also appeared in many bondage and traditional corporal punishment spanking videos.

Video dominatrix[edit]

The raven-haired actress specialized in playing a classic latex-clad dominatrix who delights in punishing her female slaves in her well-equipped dungeon. She also made a few Femdom videos in which she dominated male submissives. In several features her hairstyle includes severe bangs that makes her look like '50s fetish icon Bettie Page.

She is best remembered for her many features for House of Milan (HOM, Inc.) and London Enterprises in which she bound, tormented, and disciplined popular performers such as Greta Carlson, Ashley Renee, Kiri Kelly, Star Chandler, Sharon Kane, June Bauer, BeBe LeBadd, and Desi d'Angelo.

Payne also took on more traditional disciplinarian roles in a number of spanking videos with domestic, school or workplace settings. Most of these were done for Harmony Concepts, and Shadow Lane. She also made several bondage videos and appeared as a whip-cracking Domme in two S&M-based pornographic films, Mind Shadows and Mind Shadows II.

Payne is friends with Kiri Kelly, one of the most popular submissives in fetish videos. They did many features together, including Kelly's last two films, Our Sorority and Hard Discipline for Shadow Lane.

Submissive roles[edit]

Despite her image as the definitive video mistress, Payne has also dabbled in playing the punished submissive role on a few occasions. She was the bound victim in two bondage films by California Star, Captive Housewife and Rapture of The Deep.

In Jailhouse Spank (Harmony Concepts, 1992), directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer, Payne plays an inmate who gets spanked. She also plays a bound victim in an as-yet-unidentified BDSM video with Kiri Kelly (see video at xHampster).

She had an active and passive role in both Hitchhiker Spanked Part 3 (California Star) with Kiri Kelly and Jewel Marceau's Bondage Desires (Bizarre Video).


Bruce Seven[edit]

  • A Journey into Darkness - Kiri Kelly
  • A Twist of Payne
  • Ass Kickin' Fun and Games (1997)
  • Bad Luck for Bad Girls (1996)
  • Bound for Bliss
  • Control Issues
  • Dungeon Master
  • The Ecstasy of Payne (1994)
  • The Face of Fear (1990)
  • Forever Payne
  • Girls Gone Wrong
  • Her Use of Force - Kiri Kelly, Sharon Mitchell
  • Hot Rod To Hell
  • Lipstick Lashings
  • The Mystery of Payne
  • Party of Payne
  • Payne-full Revenge (1995)
  • The Power of Summer - Revenge!
  • The Power of Summer 2 - Reward
  • Terror Tremors
  • Twisted Neighbors Exposed
  • Whacked! (1993)

House of Milan[edit]

  • Chateau Payne (1992)
  • Cries From The Dungeon (1992), Ashley Renee
  • The Curse of Merlin's Castle (1997)
  • The Discipline Experts (1990), Ashley Renee
  • Dungeon of the Borgias (1992), flogging scene
  • Dracula's Dungeon (1995), as Countess Dracula, video at Xhampster 
  • Her Darkest Desire (1993)
  • The Legend of The Torturer - Star Chandler, Sharon Kane
  • Night Slave (1997), Ashley Renee, Sharon Kane
  • Perils of Prunella 2: The Sequel (1992)
  • Punished Princess (1991)
  • Sinderella's Revenge (1991)
  • Slave Auction (1991)
  • Special Request 3 (1992)
  • Terrors of the Inquisition (1991)
  • Tiffany's Vengeance (1997), Star Chandler
  • Tough Customer
  • Villa de Sade (1990), Kiri Kelly
  • Will of Iron (1991)
  • Zena: Mistress of the Universe (1993), science fiction

London Enterprises[edit]

  • The Bedford Wives (1994), Greta Carlson
  • Bedroom Bondage
  • Born To Serve - Star Chandler
  • Bondage Cheerleaders (1991)
  • Bound and Tortured (2002)
  • Bound for Stardom - Ashley Renee, Marilyn Rose
  • Crossing The Limit (1997) - Ashley Renee, Star Chandler
  • Disciplined Daughter - Star Chandler, June Bauer
  • Dungeon Delight - Ashley Renee
  • Dungeon Daydreams (2001) - Ashley Renee, Sharon Kane, BeBe LeBadd
  • Exposed and Flogged (1995)
  • Faces of Payne - Ashley Renee
  • Flesh for Sale - Ashley Renee, BeBe LeBadd
  • Girls School Spanking - Desi d'Angelo
  • I Submit
  • The Pain Game (1998) - Star Chandler
  • Princess of Pain
  • Prisoners in the House from Hell
  • Prisoners of Payne
  • Punish Me
  • Queen of the Lash (1993)
  • Sex Slave (1994)
  • Slavegirl of Zor (1996)
  • Slave of Fashion (1993)
  • Slaves - Ashley Renee, BeBe LeBadd, Star Chandler
  • The Slaves of Alexis Payne (1993)
  • The S/M Dimension - Sharon Kane, BeBe LeBadd
  • Spoiled Sluts For The Dungeon Mistress (1991)
  • Stolen Fantasies
  • Tori Sinclair Is... Bound & Tortured
  • Torture Clinic (1997)
  • Wrecked Rendezvous (1997) - Greta Carlson

Shadow Lane[edit]

Other videos[edit]

  • A Session with Alexis (Syren Productions), Femdom
  • Alexis' Bondage Encounters (Harmony Concepts, 1994)
  • Alexis Goes To Hell (Exquisite, 1996) - Ashley Renee
  • Ashley in a Bind (Harmony Concepts, 1992)
  • A Way With Wood (Femdom)
  • Beg For Mercy (LBO Entertainment) - Ashley Renee, video at SpankBang
  • Bondage Is My Pleasure VI (California Star) - Kiri Kelly
  • Breaking Point 3, 4, 5 (Broken Hearts, 1997)
  • Captive Housewife (California Star, 1994)
    • Alexis plays a bound submissive
  • Desire and Submission 1-2 (Harmony Concepts, 1994)
  • Disciplinarian (Harmony Concepts, 1994)
  • The Dominas - (Bahlke Media) - Isabella Sinclaire
  • Flesh For Sale
  • Hitchhiker Spanked Part 3 (California Star) - Kiri Kelly
  • Humbled Manslut (Femdom)
  • Is this the Spanks We Get (Harmony Concepts, 1993) - Ashley Renee, June Bauer
  • Jailhouse Bondage #2 (California Star) - Star Chandler
  • Jailhouse Spank (Harmony Concepts) - Allison Brach (aka Greta Carlson)
  • Jewel Marceau's Bondage Desires (Bizarre Video)
    • Alexis is active and passive in this movie
  • Kinky Fetish Lesbians
  • Kym Wilde's On The Edge 16, 18 (Redboard Video, 1995)
  • Leather Bound Dykes From Hell 15 (Bizarre Video) - Jewell Marceau
  • Man Handling (Redboad Video, 1995) - Femdom
  • Mind Shadows I-II (S&M-themed pornographic films, 1993)
  • Mistress Payne's Night of Hell, aka Night of Hell (LBO Ent.)
  • The Naughty Neighbor (Harmony Concepts) - Kiri Kelly, directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
  • Passion for Payne (Bon-Vue Enterprises, 2003)
  • Queens of The Crop (L.B.O Entertainment, 2007), Jeanna Fine, Olivia Outre, Ruby Richards, Sharon Kane
  • Rapture of The Deep (California Star)
    • Alexis plays a bound submissive
  • Red Rumped Roommates (Harmony Concepts, 1993)    
  • Red-Handed and Red-Bottomed 1-2 (Harmony Concepts, 1994) 
  • Secret Life of Alexis Payne (Bizarre Video, 2000)
  • Spank Shoppe (Harmony Concepts, 1991)   
  • Spanks for the Hospitality (Harmony Concepts, 1993)
  • Syndee Steele Fetish Fantasies
  • Thank You Mistress (Harmony Concepts, 1995)
  • Torturer's Apprentice (LBO Ent., 1996)
  • Triple Threat (Harmony Concepts)
  • Under the Heels (Bizarre Video, 2000), foot fetish
  • Velma and Clarice (Harmony Concepts) - Allison Brach

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