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The Alexander City Schools is the school district of Alexander City, Alabama. It dates from 1869 and there are currently 3,400 students.[1] The superintendent is Mrs Lou Ann Wagoner. The High School Principal is Jose Reyes, Jr.

The district's schools are Benjamin Russell High School, Alexander City Middle School, Radney Elementary School, Nathaniel H. Stephens Elementary School and Jim Pearson Elementary School.


The district's dress code requires students to be neatly dressed, clean and well groomed. Boys' shirts must be tucked in, and shorts and skirts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the kneecap. Pants must cover the hips, and shoes must be worn.[2]

Penalties for student misconduct include detention, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, Saturday school, alternative education program, and corporal punishment. The latter consists of a maximum of three licks administered in private to the student's buttocks with a smooth wooden paddle; for grades K-6 this must be 7½" by 3½", and ¼" thick, and for grades 7-12 it must be 13" by 5", and 3/8 inches thick, in both cases with a handle of 4 inches. Parents who object to paddling may request an alternative punishment. No student is forced to submit to a paddling.[1] Students may choose a spanking in lieu of suspension.[3]


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