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When I'm over a woman's lap and my butt is really burning, without thinking about it I find myself saying things like "yes mam" and whimpering and whining like a child. For me, spanking causes instant age regression. It's a natural process. Guess I'm just a naughty boy at heart—like so many men!
  — Anonymous

Age regression, abbreviated AR, is a popular theme in fiction involving the physical and/or mental reduction of a character in age. This age regression often occurs via magic, including potions or the legendary fountain of youth, or from a science fiction plot device.

A related concept, age progression (abbreviated AP), refers to the opposite scenario: a character is rapidly aging.

For role playing of age regression or progression, see ageplay.


Age regression in many children's series allows for the children to 'take care' of the regressed parents. The children prevent them from doing behaviour that the children themselves were engaged that the parent was scolding the child for, e.g. making messes, doing dangerous things etc. The lesson is the realization that the parents' rules are for the good of the children. Other times the parent was overly harsh or inattentive towards their children, and by being regressed, seeing what childhood is like, and then returned to adulthood, they learn their lesson.

Sometimes the character's clothing will change along with his/her transformation, i.e. getting smaller and turn into children's clothing. Items of clothing, e.g. diapers, plastic panties, etc. In other cases, the character's clothing will not change, and be much too big for the transformed person, leaving him/her half naked.

Sometimes, the age regression is temporary. Other times, the character is stuck as a child or teen and will begin a new life.

The age regression fetish[edit]

Age regression is a sexual fetish for some individuals. Individuals with this fetish often enjoy mainstream age regression stories, although there are also specific stories that cater to the fetish and even some pornographic films in which an elderly person becomes a young adult again.

Age regression stories or comics also sometimes include spanking and other forms of punishment, humiliation, enemas or bondage. A well-known example of a age-regression-cum-spanking scenario is Lurking Dragon's Rejuve Universe.

An example of an age regression artist is BoJay.

Other meanings[edit]

Age regression is also a (somewhat disputed) hypnosis-based therapeutic technique.

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