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Example of an adult spanking photo.

Adult spanking photos are photographic depictions of an adult being spanked. See also Spanking in photography.

The term "adult spanking photos" can also be understood to refer to spanking photos of adults that are of an erotic nature.

Most adult spanking photos are of one of the following categories:

As a product[edit]

There is a market for quality adult spanking photos in two main areas: spanking pay sites and spanking magazines.

Legal issues[edit]

Adult spanking photos that involve erotism may be rated "for adults only" and unsuitable to be viewed by minors. Also, some people are offended by BDSM material, including erotic spanking. For this reason, many websites that feature such material have warnings that their contents is explicit, possibly upsetting, and for adults only.

Erotic spanking photos can be considered pornography in some jurisdictions. In some countries, they can be considered illegal material because the law bans pornography that "eroticizes violence". In other countries, all pornography is banned.

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