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Abigail Whittaker (b. 1987) is an American spanking model, spanking actress, and spanking video producer. A brunette with a girl-next-door look, she plays mostly "bratty" spankee schoolgirl type roles.

She works primarily for Firm Hand Spanking along with occasional visits to Shadow Lane, Dallas Spanks Hard, and Girl Spanks Girl by Clare Fonda Productions. Early in her career, she appeared in a string of videos for British video producer Girls Boarding School (credited as "Abi").

She is a close friend to fellow fetish performer Samantha Woodley and is the co-owner (along with Audrey Knight) of the video company Spank That Brat which produces F/F content. On their website, Whittaker and Knight live out a domestic discipline spanking relationship.

Spanking videos[edit]

Titles for Girls Boarding School under the name Abi:

  • Abi's Confession: 24 Belt Strokes in Lunge Position
  • Abi's Confession: The Cane & Real Tears
  • Abi's Confession: The Leather Paddle
  • Abi's Confession: Long and Hard OTK, Hand & Hairbrush
  • Abi's Confession: Pure Humiliation
  • Abi's Confession: The Thin Ratten Cane - Angle 1
  • Abi's Confession: The Thin Ratten Cane - Angle 2
  • Abi's Confession: The Wooden Paddle
  • Final Severe OTK
  • Hold Her
  • In The Morning
  • My Pantyhose
  • New Resident Abi - Initial Interview
  • New Resident Beverly
  • No Swear Words - cursing tale
  • Not Mine
  • Worst Case

Miscellaneous videos: