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Abel (sometimes known as Abel Jenkins, Abel Abel, or abel1234) is a well-known British author of spanking stories (largely M/f schoolgirl stories), as well as a blogger.

He is perhaps best-known for his school corporal punishment stories, set in British public school environments and featuring canings of female students by their housemasters and headmaster. Abel's writing also covers a range of M/F spankings including judicial and domestic scenes.

An archive of his stories is available free at Abel's Spanking Stories, and has had some three million hits. His stories also feature on Laura's Spanking Corner and have appeared in print in Kane and other journals. His writing has won various awards, including the first major writing competition hosted by Spanking Online.

Abel also writes the highly successful blog The Spanking Writers. Launched in April 2006, this regularly-updated, entertaining site discusses startles, spanking fantasies and real life spankings. Under the guise of Reverend Jenkins, the school chaplain, Abel also contributed to Lowewood Academy, the writing project describing life in a (fictional) school that ran from 2006-2009.