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Welts from caning on a man's bottom.
Marks from two strokes with a cane.
12 visible welts after a strong caning.

A welt (also known as a wheal or weal) is a type of lesion: a section of skin raised in a ridge or bump, and reddened. The reddening comes from a widening of cappillaries, and the ridge comes from a build-up of extracellular fluid (lymph) (but not "filled" with fluid as a blister). A welt can be caused by a blow or lash to the skin, by an allergic reaction, or by an injection with a hypodermic syringe.

Welts in spanking[edit]

Welts are common marks from spanking. Welts are usually the results of impacts by long narrow spanking implements such as canes, switches, birches and whips.

Welts due to spanking activity can be slow to fade. If they break open or bleed they may be subject to infection.

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