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Le supplice de l'attente (The agony of waiting).

Waiting means to remain inactive in one place while expecting something. The waiting period may in some cases be known in advance, but often will be only approximately known or completely unsure.

Waiting is usually unpleasant and frustrating, in particular when

  • one is waiting for something strongly desired
  • one is waiting for something strongly feared
  • one is waiting for something unknown
  • the waiting period is unknown
  • one is forced to complete inactivity while waiting (holding still)

The ability to wait without becoming angry or annoyed is an aspect of patience.

Waiting in forced inactivity[edit]


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Waiting outside the headmaster's office

Waiting in forced inactivity is particularly boring and frustrating, and the more so the longer the waiting period becomes. The person feels he/she is wasting their time and would rather be elsewhere doing something pleasant or productive.

When forced to inactivity while waiting, a person usually thinks about what has happened before and what is about to happen. Often, these thoughts will be worries, which makes the waiting worse.

In situations where the unpleasant effects of waiting are unwanted, e.g. in a doctor's waiting room, there will often be objects of entertainment such as books, magazines, and/or toys, which can help to pass the time more pleasantly.

Waiting as a status tool[edit]

Forcing a person to wait can be used to establish a status difference, e.g. by an authority figure. For example, a person of high social status may let other people who come to see him/her wait for some seconds or minutes before admitting them to his/her room.

Waiting as punishment[edit]

Vintage photograph of a woman kneeling in corner time, with a birch next to her.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #84
"THE WAIT!!" Girl lying on a bed, her buttocks exposed for a spanking, made to wait. Drawing by Lily.

Waiting is the main punitive aspect of disciplinary punishments such as time-out, corner time, detention, and grounding, which involve time and restriction, but no physical pain. In these cases, the delinquent waits for the punishment to be over, at which point normal life resumes.

Punitive waiting usually takes place in a prescribed pose or position, the waiting position, for example, sitting, standing or kneeling in a specified manner and in a specified place. Waiting can also be used before the actual punishment, e.g. a spanking, is given. This adds to the punishment and also gives the guardian time to prepare.

All of the three above mentioned aspects of forced waiting can be employed well in spanking stories, spanking videos and spanking roleplay. A typical scenario is that the spankee is first scolded and told he/she will get a good spanking. But the spanking is not given right away; instead the spankee is first put in corner time, often in the hands on head pose, and told to remain still there and think of their misdeeds until he/she is called. Sometimes the spankee's buttocks will already be bared at this waiting period for additional embarrassment and humiliation, to draw the mind to what will happen soon, and to leave no doubt about the situation in case other members of the household happen to enter the room. After a certain length of time, the spankee is called, possibly reproved again, and then brought into position and given his/her actual punishment.

In BDSM stories, videos and roleplay, the subject is often put in bondage and/or locked up (e.g. in a cage) while made to wait for their fate - following the clichés of prison punishment and torture.

If desired, physical discomfort can be easily added to waiting - for example by making the delinquent wait naked, kneeling on a log of wood, in a tiring pose (e.g. arms outstretched), or in uncomfortable bondage.

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