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An uncle is the brother of a person's father or mother; or the husband of the child's aunt, this is one case where in-law is not used. The term "uncle" is sometimes also used as a more generic one, particularly in address, for a more distant relative, or even for a friend of the family who is not related, but is trusted (by the parents) to act in a familial role. Children in particular are often taught to use "Uncle" as a title of address for any male adult in one of these categories.

  • Avuncular (adjective) - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an uncle: avuncular affection.
Related Forms:
  • avuncularity (noun)
  • avuncularly (adverb)

To cry uncle[edit]

To cry uncle is an expression to surrender and often the goal in spanking stories to get the spankee to say uncle to end a play spanking or a tickle attack.

Aunts and uncles in spanking art[edit]

In spanking stories and spanking art, a child is sometimes spanked by an uncle or aunt instead of his or her parents. The role of an uncle or aunt is somewhat more distant than that of a parent, but not as distant as a teacher or a complete stranger. Children are sometimes given in a temporary guardianship to uncles and/or aunts, which puts these relatives in a in loco parentis situation in which they are permitted and expected to behave like parents to the child.

Spanking videos[edit]

Spanking-fetish videos frequently depict strict or put-upon uncles who are driven to discipline their bratty nieces. Examples:

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