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Trixie, sometimes credited as Trixie Kent or Jilly Jones, is a British spanking actress, active in the 1980s and 1990s. A petite blonde with hazel eyes, a plump bottom, and a London accent, she suddenly won many fans as a spanking model in 1984 when she appeared on the front cover of the inaugural issue of Blushes and went straight on to feature in Nos. 2, 5 & 8 of the magazine.

Shortly afterwards, The School Reports and What Bottoms Are For established her credentials as an actress. In these videos, she acted alongside another blonde Blushes model and together they became known as ‘the Blushes Girls’.

All this early work was done anonymously. It was Kane that called her Trixie when she started performing for Harrison Marks about five years later. She exaggerates her cheeky Cockney persona to good effect in Six Day a Week, where other characters liken her to the British comedy actress Barbara Windsor in her youth.

Trixie occasionally modelled for mainstream men’s magazines, including Club International and Escort, but she is chiefly known for her contribution to British spanking erotica. The cover of Kane 65 shows her with Jenny Close.


Titles listed in approximate order of release:-

  • What Bottom Are For (Blushes, 1984), with Kathleen Astley
  • The School Reports (1984), as Amanda, with Anne Proto
  • Six Days a Week (Kane, 1989), as Trixie, with Harrison Marks, Tim, & Sue Ellis
  • Just Deserts (Kane, 1989), as Trixie, with Harrison Marks
  • Bringing a Blush to the Cheeks (Kane Live Event, 1991)
  • Rosey Red and Cheeky (Kane Live Event, 1991)
  • An Evening’s Thrash (Kane Live Event, 1992)), as a nurse, with Sonja van Kemenade
    • US title: Thrasher’s Ball (Bizarre)
  • Spankers’ Paradise (Kane, 1992), as Trixie, with Harrison Marks
  • Housewives’ Choice (Kane, c. 1994), with Jenny Close
    • US title: Spiteful Housewives
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night (Kane, 1996), as the burglar