The Round-Up

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The Round-Up, punishment scene begins at 5:00.

The Round-Up (1965) is a critically-acclaimed black-and-white Hungarian film directed by Miklos Jancso. It stars Janos Gorbe, Zoltan Latinovits and Tibor Molnar. The film has been widely praised for its stark, minimalist style and political overtones.


This is a grim, realistic drama set in 1868 Hungary. Austro-Hungarian soldiers round up and imprison a group of peasants in order to find the leader of a partisan group from the Kossuth revolution of 1848. The prisoners are subjected to mental and physical torture to make them reveal information about the uprising and its supporters.

The punishment scene[edit]

One prisoner is forced to watch a public "running the gauntlet" punishment of his daughter. (This was a common form of military corporal punishment in the 19th century.) The beautiful young girl is stripped naked and forced to run between two long rows of soldiers. Each man holds a long switch and whips her severely as she runs back and forth several times before collapsing to the ground. This scene, like the rest of the film, is shot in a detached, nonexploitive manner, but packs an erotic charge nonetheless.

This scene can be viewed at Cut Scenes and the Internet Archive. (See also photos and review).

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