The Brick Dollhouse

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The Brick Dollhouse (1967) is a minor "nudie" sexploitation film that played in adult grind-house venues (mostly in California and New York) in the pre-porn era. The 55-minute color feature was directed by well-known exploitation director David F. Friedman (using the alias Tony Martinez). After several decades in obscurity it was rediscovered by Something Weird Video and released on video and DVD.


After a nude girl is found murdered in an apartment complex, a police detective interviews her very attractive female roommates. This sets up a standard murder mystery format consisting of a series of flashbacks to scenes of a decadent "swingers" party with lots of nudity, topless dancing, drug taking, etc.

The spanking scene[edit]

Daniel (Janice Kelly using the alias Lee Corey) is an aspiring actress who seduces a movie producer and his assistant at the party. The trio goes into a bedroom for privacy. An abrupt cut shows her being whipped with a strap-like length of cloth with a leopard print pattern. She is nude, straddling a chair while the assistant holds her hands. After 8 strokes with the cloth strap, she receives two hand spanks before another abrupt cut takes her back to the present time, talking to the detective. It's implied that she did not enjoy this treatment.

Alternate scene[edit]

The trailer for the film shows a longer, better version of the hand spanking filmed from a different angle (see Links below). Why this does not appear in the final film is unknown.


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