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* A Devil Of A Spanking (Spanking Veronica Works), [[fantasy]], Veronica Ricci as the Devil, [http://onlyspanking.org/44211-a-devil-of-a-spanking-spankingveronicaworks-full-hd-mp4.html photos]
* A Devil Of A Spanking (Spanking Veronica Works), [[fantasy]], Veronica Ricci as the Devil, [http://onlyspanking.org/44211-a-devil-of-a-spanking-spankingveronicaworks-full-hd-mp4.html photos]
* Adorably Spankable, Part 1 & 2 (GoodSpanking), [[Chelsea Pfeiffer]], [https://onlyspanking.org/42565-adorably-spankable-part-two-goodspanking-full-hd-mp4.html photos]
* Angry Uncle John ([[Sarah Gregory Spanking]]), [[uncle]] discipline, [http://onlyspanking.org/9425-stevie-rose-in-the-video-angry-uncle-john-full-clip-sarahgregoryspanking-hd-wmv.html photos]
* Angry Uncle John ([[Sarah Gregory Spanking]]), [[uncle]] discipline, [http://onlyspanking.org/9425-stevie-rose-in-the-video-angry-uncle-john-full-clip-sarahgregoryspanking-hd-wmv.html photos]
* Asylum Spankings (Spanking Veronica Works), [[revenge spanking]], [[nurse]] Stevie spanked by patient, [http://onlyspanking.org/32952-asylum-spankings-spankingveronicaworks-hd-wmv.html photos]
* Asylum Spankings (Spanking Veronica Works), [[revenge spanking]], [[nurse]] Stevie spanked by patient, [http://onlyspanking.org/32952-asylum-spankings-spankingveronicaworks-hd-wmv.html photos]

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Stevie Rose is a popular and prolific spanking actress, video producer, and co-founder of Disciplinary Arts, created in 2011 with her mentor and play-partner Kyle Johnson. She is originally from Whittier, California, and currently resides in San Bernardino.

Despite having a distinct scopion tattoo on her right shoulder-blade, the blond-haired (sometimes red-headed) actress has an innocent, girlish look and mostly plays spankee roles as a schoolgirl, cheerleader, misbehaving daughter, etc. She also takes on occasional disciplinarian parts in F/F and F/M scenarios.

For Marked Butts, a spin-off of Disciplinary Arts, Rose performs as a spanker in a series of "Miss Stevie" videos. Titles include: Miss Stevie Disciplines: Debbie Pants Down, Miss Stevie Spanks: Misty Crys Hard, and Miss Stevie Spanks: Anna's Penance.

She has appeared in scores of videos for many major spanking video producers including Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, Shadow Lane, RealSpankings.com, Dallas Spanks Hard, Sarah Gregory Spanking, Cheerleader Spankings, Momma Spankings, My Spanking Roommate, Spanking 101, Pacific Force, Worst Behavior Productions, et al. She is also doing pornographic sex videos (some of which include spanking) for the company Good Girls Get Candy.

Rose also produces exclusive videos marketed from her Clips4Sale website, Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking (website), and can be hired for private spanking sessions in the greater Los Angeles area.

Videos with family members

Stevie has two younger sisters, Veda (sometimes spelled Vada) and Skylar Rose, who also work as spanking actresses. The sisters, as well as their mother and aunt have performed together in various combinations in the titles listed below.

  • Inarguably Spankable, Part 2 (GoodSpankings), Chelsea Pfeiffer, Stevie, and Veda
  • Inarguably Spankable, Part 3 (GoodSpankings), Chelsea Pfeiffer, Stevie, and Veda, photos
  • Stevie Gets Her (Actual) Sister Spanked (Loren Punishments/PunishmentsOnly, 2018), Stevie and Skylar Rose get punished (photos, video).
  • Stevie and Skylar Caught Selling Contraband (Delvo Video Productions), Stevie, Skylar and Veda Rose (video)

Videos produced by Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking company include Stevie and her sisters, aunt, and mother. Titles include:

  • A Spanking Conversation with Skylar Rose (2020), Stevie spanks Skylar, photos
  • Back on Track: Fitness Goals (c. 2020), Veda spanks Stevie, photos
  • Bared Over Daddys Knee (2019), Stevie and Veda paddled together
  • Birthday Suit Birthday Welts for Stevie Rose (2019), birthday spanking
  • Birthday Stripes in Her Birthday Suit - Stevie Rose (2019)
  • Discipline Audition: The Rose Sisters - Stevie and her sister Vada Rose punished together.
  • Inside The Session Series: Rose Family Discipline (parts 1-3) - Stevie, sister Vada, and real-life mother Kay Rose all spanked in front of each other.
  • I Promise Not to Be a Disrespectful Brat (2019), Stevie paddles Skylar Rose
  • Irresponsible Behavior (2019), Stevie Spanks Skylar
  • Mommy's Rules, Part 1
  • Mommy's Rules, Part 2: Stevie's Punishment (video at SpankBang)
  • Severe Caning - Skylar Birthday Bruises (2019), Stevie canes Skylar.
  • Skylar's Selfish Behavior (2019), Stevie spanks Skylar
  • Sobbing Mess - Birthday Bruises 1 & 2 - Veda caned by Stevie.
  • Spanking the Rose's Rosie, Part 1 - Stevie, her mother, and Aunt all spanked together for the first time.
  • Spanking the Rose's Rosie, Part 2 - Stevie, Veda, and her mother spanked by Kyle Johnson.
  • Spanking the Rose's Rosie, Part 3, Stevie spanked by Kyle in front of her mother and sister Vada.
  • Tears by Stevie: Little Sister's Attitude Adjustment - Stevie spanks Veda Rose.
  • Three Sisters Belt Whipped and Paddled Together (2019), Stevie, Veda, and Skylar Rose
  • Three Striped Roses: Skylar, Vada, and Stevie (2020), photos
  • Trick or Treat (2019), Stevie spanks Vada
  • Trick or Treat Shenanigans - Stevie Rose and Skylar Rose Spanked by the Neighbor (2020), Halloween, photos
  • Turning the Tables (2019), Veda Paddles Stevie

Videos produced by Worst Behavior Productions with Stevie and her sisters.

  • Family Business - Finale (Worst Behavior Productions) Stevie, Veda, Skylar
  • Family Business - Our Paychecks are Wrong (Worst Behavior Productions), Stevie punished by Veda and Skylar.
  • Family Business - Skylar is Late Again (Worst Behavior Productions), Stevie spanks Skylar
  • Family Business - Veda Caught Watching Porn (Worst Behavior Productions), Stevie spanks Veda

Spanking videos

  • Stevie Rose - Bound For Discipline (ATP Studios), photos
  • Stevie Rose Soaped in Front of Friends (Punishments Only), mouthsoaping, photos
  • Stevie Rose Spanked, Soaped, & Spanked Again (Punishments Only), photos

Disciplinary Arts videos

A selection of Stevie Rose titles from Disciplinary Arts and Marked Butts.

  • A Mouthy Mistake (Disciplinary Arts/Marked Butts), guardian discipline, video
  • Paddled at School, Belted by Mom (Marked Butts)
  • Point of View Series: Laundry Slacker (M/F), laundry room
  • Poolside Babes - swimming pool, photos
  • Pure Punishment: Stevie Rose
  • Real Discipline Series (RDS): Marie's Procrastination (F/F)
  • RDS: Stevie's Beating (M/F)
  • RDS: Stevie's Mouthy Mistake - bath brush, photos
  • RDS: Stevie's Razor Strap Punishment (Marked Butts)
  • RDS: Stevie Rose and The Bath Brush - photos
  • RDS: Stevie's Severe Blistering - bath brush
  • Role Reversal - Alex Reynolds, role reversal, photos
  • Selfie Troubles, part 1 & 2 - apron, photos
  • Sister Trouble 4: Big Sister's House
  • Skinny Dipping Disaster 2 - video clip
  • Stevie's Harsh Discipline (M/F)
  • Stevie's Potty Mouth 2: Nude Blistering - Kyle Johnson
  • Stevie's Serious Outdoor Punishment - outdoor spanking, photos

My Spanking Roommate videos

For My Spanking Roommate, Stevie has a recurring role as a police woman/meter maid.

  • Cop Stevie Spanked for Writing Tickets - photos
  • Kay and Elori Spanked For Jaywalking
  • Madison Visits Officer Stevie - photos
  • Madison vs. Stevie
  • Madison Visits Officer Stevie
  • Mr. Ford Spanks Stevie Rose for Wrongful Ticket
  • Policewoman Stevie Busts Madison For Noise - photos