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Vintage spanking drawing by an anonymous artist.

Spanking in bondage is spanking in which the spankee is restrained (see bondage) for his or her chastisement.

Spanking in bondage is most commonly found in judicial corporal punishment, military corporal punishment, prison corporal punishment, which are typically so severe, and/or so non-consensual, that the delinquent has to be put in bondage for the chastisement to be delivered in its full extent.

Bondage is comparatively rarely found in child spanking fiction and spanking art (beyond being held in place by the spanker, if this can be called a form of bondage). These rare cases include child characters being restrained onto things such as birching horses and spanking machines. In real life spanking of children, bondage is (or was) found in judicial corporal punishment scenarios, but in domestic or school settings, bondage was and is extremely rare due to its connotations with abuse. Exceptions are schools in which very severe chastisements were meted out, such as the birchings at Eton.

In contrast, spanking in bondage has always had a considerable fandom in adult/adult spanking fiction and real life consensual adult spanking (as a form of BDSM). Bondage is cherished in the subculture due to its power of conveying the feeling of helplessness and possibly the feeling of non-consensuality. Even small gestures of restraint, such as holding the spankee in place with one's free hand, holding down his/her scruff, pinning the hand on the lower back and securing the spankee's legs can push the same buttons as other forms of bondage.

Types of bondage used in spanking[edit]

A pair of connected, well-padded ankle cuffs.

Common types of bondage used in spanking include:

This can be done using:

Somewhat less commonly in the spanking community than in the classic BDSM community are things such as handcuffs and chains.


Videos on Dailymotion[edit]

  • Damsell In Distress Spanking A mostly silent film with comic tones in which a stranger visits a manor. (Adults only, requires membership log-in to view.)

Videos on YouTube[edit]

Commercial for Vizelia.