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Renaissance woodcut (1592) showing a school birching over a low block.

A spanking block is an item of spanking furniture that is rectangular block-shaped and usually made of wood - like a bench without a back and with the sides closed. A birching block is the historically common form of it; it was used for birching. The Eton variant of it had a step to kneel on.

The spankee assumes a kneeling position by kneeling down in front of the block and resting his/her torso on the block. On a block, the delinquent's legs are usually together, not spread or straddling.

A spanking bench is also similar, but somewhat less block-like and more like a bench. Spanking benches are used in modern BDSM and often have padded knee rests.

Higher spanking blocks[edit]

Eton flogging block and birch.

There are also higher variants of a spanking block that are about as high as a barstool. In those, the spankee's knees are off the floor; the spankee's feet are touching the floor, but without bearing much weight. There are many different variants, but most are constructed to provide means to restrain the spankee with straps.

See the links below for example images.

See also[edit]

  • Pouffe - a low, padded item of furniture, can be similarly used to a block
Sketch of a "spanking buck" (spanking bench/spanking block) by Spankart (2008). Left side view, right rear view.