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Skylar Rose is a spanking actress and younger sister of the better known performer Stevie Rose. Born in 1999, she is originally from Whittier, California.

Starting around 2018, Skylar began playing spankee roles in videos featuring F/F and M/F scenarios. She has long brown hair occasionally worn in braids for a more innocent, schoolgirl look. She has also appeared as a blonde cheerleader.

Rose has performed in videos by several major spanking video producers including Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment (GoodSpanking), Cheerleader Spankings, Momma Spankings, Triple A Spanking, Northern Spanking, PunishmentsOnly, and her sister's company, Stevie Rose's I Heart Spankings (website).

She has also been punished with and by her sister Stevie Rose in several titles (listed below).

Spanking videos

  • I Promise Not to Be a Disrespectful Brat (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie Rose paddles Skylar
  • Irresponsible Behavior (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie Rose spanks Skylar
  • Severe Caning - Skylar Birthday Bruises (I Heart Spankings, 2019), Stevie Rose canes Skylar.
  • Skylar's Selfish Behavior (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie Rose spanks Skylar
  • Spanking Runs In The Family (GoodSpanking), photos
  • Stevie Gets Her (Actual) Sister Spanked (Loren Punishments/PunishmentsOnly, 2018), Stevie Rose and Skylar both get punished (photos, video).
  • Take Down Your Pants and Your Panties (GoodSpanking), Chelsea Pfeiffer, video at Spankbang
  • Three Sisters Belt Whipped and Paddled Together (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2019), Stevie, Veda, and Skylar Rose.
  • Three Striped Roses: Skylar, Vada, and Stevie (Stevie Rose's I Heart Spanking, 2020), photos
  • Trick or Treat Shenanigans - Stevie Rose and Skylar Rose Spanked by the Neighbor (I Heart Spanking, 2020), Stevie Rose, photos
  • What Happens To Naughty Girls (Momma Spankings, 2019), braids, photos, video on SpankBang
  • What Would Mom Do? (Northern Spanking, c. 2020), Stevie spanks Skylar, photos