Sassy Ladies

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Sassy Ladies was a spanking magazine published by DS Enterprises. It was started in 1990. 24 regular issues were published, on roughly a quarterly schedule, with issue number 24 dated "Summer 1996". After that, publication ceased. In addition to the "regular" issues, at least three "Author anthologies" were published, each containing only work by a single author. Theses included both previously unpublished stories, and stories that had appeared in earlier "regular" issues.

Sassy Ladies was pretty closely focused on M/F spanking (although one or two F/F scenes appeared). It also focused on "romantic" spanking stories. Even the stories that were not strictly speaking "romantic" tended to have more plot and character development than many commercially published spanking stories. Some of the stories used historical settings, some were science fiction, many had roughly contemporary settings, and at least two were ghost stories.

Sassy Ladies was unique in insisting that every story be written, or at least co-authored, by a woman. In part this was a bid to increase female readership.

Sassy Ladies did not include illustrations. The majority of its content was fiction, but it did include an editorial in each issue, some question and answer or advice columns, some non-fiction articles, including several on the then developing online spanking scene, a few advertisements for other publications, and a few personal ads. Early issues were poorly proofread, used a small and hard-to-read font, and the quality of the printing was variable. Later issues significantly improved the production quality. Sassy Ladies was produced in a tabloid or paperback format, with dimensions of roughly 5 1/2 by 8 inches. The early issues contained about 112 pages each, which soon rose to around 128 and eventually 140 pages. However, issues 5, 9, 13, 17, and 21 were "Anniversary Issues", and contained about half again as many pages as the adjacent issues, with issue number 21 the largest at 192 pages.

The people behind Sassy Ladies were Pam and Rick, who married while editing the publication together.