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Rebeckah Jordan, also known as Becky Jordan, Rebekah Jordan or Kinky (because she said that she likes kinky sex), used to be a porn star, spanking actress, stripper and glamour model. Rebekah retired from her career in the adult industry in the middle of the 2000s.

Rebekah was born on April 11, 1981 in England, UK. For some time, she worked in the United States.

Filmography (only Spanking movies)[edit]

California Star[edit]

  • Caned into the Record Books
  • Caning in the Rain
  • English Punishment 24 (compilation)
    • includes parts of Caning in the Rain
  • English Punishment 30 (compilation)
  • English Punishment 33 (compilation)
  • English Punishment 35 (compilation)

Strictly English[edit]

Paradox / Playhouse / British Spanking Studio[edit]

  • British Spanking Volume 4, aka Finishing School Discipline 4
  • French Lessons,  Warning: 18+

Red Stripe[edit]

Spanking For Pleasure[edit]