Rachel Lloyd

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Rachel Lloyd is a British spanking actress, active in the late 1990s and 2000s. A brown-eyed brunette from the south of England, she generally wore little make-up and kept her hair fairly short. Her first films were made with Paradox. As a spanking model, Rachel appeared in Kane and several Northern Spanking photo-sets.


  • Absent without Leave (Spanking for Pleasure), with Catherine Corbett
    • US title: Navy Stripes (Calstar)
  • The Audition (Paradox/Spanking for Pleasure, c. 1998)
  • The Bailiff Incident (Northern Spanking), as Rachel, with Paul Kennedy
  • The Headmaster’s Study Revisited (Top Marks, TM 15), as Paula, with Sara Benachour & Jean Bradley
  • Impressing the Boss (Miss Marchmont), as Rachel, with Nina Birch
    • aka: Nina Birch: My Fantasies, vol.2
  • Military Discipline 2002 (Firm Hand Spanking, 2002), as Bingham, with Catherine Corbett & Sarah Harvey Lewis
  • Miss Birch’s Study (Miss Marchmont), with Nina Birch
    • aka: Nina Birch: My Fantasies, vol.3
  • New Uniform Discipline 2 (Paradox), as Rebecca Hamilton, with David Charles
  • Offender Correction Unit (Paradox), with Tara Bardot
  • Problem Girls 2003 (Top Marks, 2003), as Debbie Wesley-Jones, with Therese & Monica
  • The Punishment Man (Top Marks, TM 04), with Sam Johnson
  • Rachel’s Chores (Northern Spanking, 2006), as Rachel, with Paul Kennedy
    • Included in Short Sharp Shock Collection 1
  • Rachel’s Spanking Challenge (Northern Spanking), as Rachel, with Michael Stamp
    • Included in Short Sharp Shock Collection 7
  • Sensual Spanking (Northern Spanking)
  • Tara’s Lazy Maids (Bottom Line), as Ermyntrude, with Stacey Rowe and Yvonne
  • Teresa May’s Punishment Party (Top Marks, 2003), with Teresa May, Sam Johnson & Morgan Taylor (K 94)
  • US title: Discipline Party
  • Three Tails of Woe, Part 1 (Moonglow/Top Marks, TM06), with Peter Cooper
  • The Waiting Room (Bars & Stripes), with Leia Ann Woods