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There are people who consider the buttocks the most beautiful (and/or erotic) of all body parts.

Pygophilia (from Ancient Greek "πυγή" pugḗ ("buttocks") and "φιλία" philía ("love")), also known as buttocks fetishism, is a paraphilia that comes with sexual arousal or excitement caused by touching, playing with, or seeing another person's (or one's own) buttocks.

A person who is particularly fond of buttocks is called a pygophilist.

Combination with related fetishes[edit]

Illustration by Georges Topfer.

Pygophilia is often combined with spanking fetishism - most people who love to spank and/or to get spanked have also a fascination with the buttocks in general. Buttocks fetishism may also include a fascination with underwear, anal erotic play, and/or diapering.

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