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Contact card of a professional spankee, London, c. 1980.

A professional submissive, also known as pro-sub or prosub, is a person who offers clients BDSM sessions in which he or she plays the submissive role and the client the dominant role, in exchange for money. Some pro-subs also work as models for BDSM photos or actresses in BDSM films. Most professional submissives do not have sex in exchange for money, and do not regard themselves as prostitutes.

Most pro-subs are female. A few male pro-subs offer services to a gay clientele. Some are exclusively submissive, while others are switches and offer both dominant and submissive services (see pro-switch).

Joan Kelly (who works under the name "Marnie") is a Los Angeles–based independent pro-sub who has written a book about the industry entitled The Pleasure's All Mine: Memoir of a Professional Submissive (Carroll & Graf, 2005).

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