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Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #159
Rendered /f art on a mock magazine cover.

Pigtails (or twin tails, twintails) is a hairstyle that is typical for girls and creates a very cute, 'girlish' appearance.

It is therefore a popular hairstyle in girl spanking art. It is also very common in ageplay to make an adult woman look and feel more like a "little girl".

The hair is parted down the middle and tied into two bundles, one on each side of the head, usually above and behind the ear. The bundles of hair are tied with scrunchies, hair clips, or ribbons. The way the ends of the two hair bunches often curl into a twist is most likely where the pigtail name originated.

Some people restrict use of the name pigtails to the braided version, only using bunches for the simply gathered version. However such distinctions are disputed.

In Japan[edit]

In Japan, hair bunches are called 'twin tails' (ツインテール tsuin teeru) and the braided version is called 'osage' (おさげ). A popular variation is the odango hairstyle, in which each twintail is partially coiled around its base to form a small bun from which the remaining length hangs free.

In India[edit]

Schoolgirls in India customarily wear their hair in a pair of long braids, with the end of each braid looped up and fastened to its base with red ribbon.

Spanking videos[edit]

Fetish videos in which misbehaving young girls, school girls, cheerleaders, and others with their hair in pigtails are punished.

  • Good Girls Cant Wait For Spanking (ATP Studios), Casey Calvert, photos
  • Linny's Harsh Punishment (Spanking Sorority Girls), Linny Lace, bath brush, photos
  • Punished for Porn (ATP Studios), Christy Cutie, Casey Calvert, photos


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