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* ''Interview With Sophie Fennington'' (62 min.)
* ''Interview With Sophie Fennington'' (62 min.)
** [[Sophie Fennington]], [http://onlyspanking.org/45105-interview-with-sophie-fennington-spanking-for-pleasure-sd-mp4.html photos], [http://www.spreview.net/archive/reviews/sophiefenningtoninterview.html review]
** [[Sophie Fennington]], [http://onlyspanking.org/45105-interview-with-sophie-fennington-spanking-for-pleasure-sd-mp4.html photos], [http://www.spreview.net/archive/reviews/sophiefenningtoninterview.html review]
** re-released by [[California Star]] as ''English Spanking Classics #1: Sophie Fennington Interviews'' ([https://xhamster.com/videos/english-spanking-classics-1-xhzTo77 Xhampster video])
*''Lesson for Lisa'' (2002) 26 mins.
*''Lesson for Lisa'' (2002) 26 mins.
**Uncle Frank (Christian Fennington) spanks and canes Lisa.
**Uncle Frank (Christian Fennington) spanks and canes Lisa.

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Paradox was a British spanking video producer that released over twenty films between 1998 and 2002. Its titles were distributed by Spanking for Pleasure, a firm that also distributed and incorporated videos by Tallion. Paradox often cast actors featured in photo-fantasies published in Janus magazine. It explicitly marketed its products as ‘British Spanking’, incorporating the national flag into the design of its box covers and DVDs.

Paradox films depict the spanking, tawsing and caning of young women (schoolgirls, nurses, maids, etc.), primarily by men. About one-third of their videos feature female disciplinarians. None of these titles contain overt sexual content. The tone of the stories ranges from The Correctional Therapist and Offender Correction (with stern institutional punishments), to humor and genre parody such as the Finishing School Discipline series.

Christian Fennington (husband of actress Sophie Fennington) played a number of comically caricatured spankers, such as Basil Sterling, the smug pipe-smoking headmaster. ‘I’m not one for the old clichés,’ he declares, ‘but they do say crime doesn’t pay. Offenders get punished. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry, isn’t it, Watson?’(Finishing School Discipline 2).

English-speaking French actresses make a rare appearance in Finishing School Discipline 4 and French Lessons, both filmed in the elaborate Georgian house often hired by Janus as a set.

List of released movies[edit]

  • A Caning for Miss Granger (2000) 39 mins.
    • After losing Barker & Beavis a contract worth £½ million, Miss Granger accepts corporal punishment from Reggie Barker (Christian Fennington) in order to keep her job (photos).
  • The Correctional Therapist (2000) 45 mins.
    • Nurse Armstrong (Suzi Jarman), correction administrator at a hospital, punishes Nurse Wilding (Elizabeth Simpson), a schoolgirl who set off the fire alarm (Karina Currie), a thief (Rebecca Coleman) and a nurse who was late on duty.
  • Disciplinary Measures (2000) 21 mins.
    • A recalcitrant college girl is sent to stay with a retired headmaster for a week (photos).
  • Finishing School Discipline (1998) 59 mins., finishing school
    • Basil Sterling (Christian Fennington), headmaster of Grangethorpe Finishing School, takes his ping-pong bat to Philippa Thompson (Tara Bardot) and Katie Pringle-Patterson.
    • aka British Spanking vol.4
  • Finishing School Discipline 2 (1998) 60 mins.
    • Amy Watson cheats in an exam, Philippa (Tara Bardot) and Katie are caught snooping, and Antoinette Le Blanc swears during a tennis match; Basil Sterling (Christian Fennington) deals with them all (photos, Spankflix video promo).
  • Finishing School Discipline 3 (1998) 39 mins.
    • Miss Killjoy, deputising for Mr Sterling, finds fault with prefects Jenkins and Parker.
    • aka Prefect’s Declaration
  • Finishing School Discipline 4 (2001) 50 mins.
    • Miss Dupont, a French teacher, slippers Cindy Turner; the headmaster (David Charles) punishes Johnson (Rebeckah Jordan).
  • French Lessons (2001) 32 mins.
    • Miss Mountshaft is appalled to find two French students, Sophie and Lucille (Chloe Martin), in possession of a spanking video (photos).
  • Interview With Sophie Fennington (62 min.)
  • Lesson for Lisa (2002) 26 mins.
    • Uncle Frank (Christian Fennington) spanks and canes Lisa.
    • aka Disciplinary Measures, Part 2
  • New Domestic Discipline
    • Dave loves his new wife Cindy (Cindy Read) but cannot tolerate her incompetence in the kitchen.
  • New Domestic Discipline 2 (2002) 60 mins.
    • Uncle Brian (Christian Fennington) spanks and canes Lucy.
  • New Domestic Discipline 3
    • Still exasperated by Cindy’s terrible cooking, Dave obtains a paddle to use on her.
  • New Uniform Discipline 1 40 mins.
    • Dr Stenson punishes Nurse Vorderman for indecency with a patient, also schoolgirl Jenkins (Andrea Spinks) for dishonestly seeking a sick note.
  • New Uniform Discipline 2 53 mins.
    • In Part 1, accused of sexual misconduct, Royal Air Force Corporal Elizabeth Barton-Jones (Clara Hewitt) is ordered by a superior officer (Christian Fennington) to attend a disciplinary session with Miss Handley (Suzi Jarman); in Part 2, Rebecca Hamilton (Rachel Lloyd) is caned by Mr Masterson (David Charles) for insubordination at Grangethorpe Finishing School (photos).
    • Part 1 includes a five-minute extract from an earlier Tallion film, Canings and Cold Showers, showing Flight Officer Fennington (Sophie Fennington) undergoing punishment.
    • Part 2 is sometimes sold separately as New Uniform Discipline 3 (photos).
  • Offender Correction, Parts 1, 2 & 3
    • Following the re-introduction of corporal punishment to the British penal system, a correction officer (Tara Bardot) works hard at a female offender unit.
    • The three parts were merged into two for DVD release as British Spanking, vols.1 & 3
  • Punishment Ward 10 (1999) 47 mins.
    • Dr Valerie Warboys chastises a student nurse, Thompson (Rebecca Coleman), with the help of Sister Meredith.
  • Salon CP (c. 1999), photos
  • Spanking the Maid (1999) 55 mins.
    • Lionel Truscott (Tim) is delighted to discover a pretext for punishing Lucy; his nephew Tarquin (Christian Fennington) deals with her colleagues.
  • Spanking the Teacher (2000) 65 mins.
    • Derek Wagstaff threatens to report Miss Armstrong (Suzi Jarman) to the police after she canes his daughter Helena (Majella Shepperd).
  • These Girls Must Be Caned! (2002) 58 mins.
    • Sophie and Marianne are sent to the headmaster for missing an important exam (photos).