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A laxative is a substance that loosens stools and increases bowel movements. Laxatives are used to treat and/or prevent constipation.

Use for punishment[edit]

Castor oil used for punishment in the Tom and Jerry cartoon Baby Puss (1943)

Laxatives can also be used to punish a person. Being made to defecate urgently, possibly violently and for a longer time than usual, can be a frustrating, embarassing and humiliating experience. When the substance is also foul-tasting, the punishment character of a forced spoonful is increased. In the old days (most references are from the 1940s) some parents punished children with a dose of castor oil, which had both properties: a foul taste followed by a laxative effect.

Use in pranks[edit]

Laxatives are also sometimes used in pranks.

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