Julie Delcourt

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"Le premier lavement" (The first enema), drawing by Julie Delcourt (1938).
External image (censored).

Julie Delcourt is or was a, presumably French, artist who made kinky erotic drawings. Her drawings are, it seems, those that became known in color (watercolour and pastel) form, but unsigned, under the name or pseudonym German, who was often thought to be an artist from Germany, and/or to be identical to Richard Hegemann (or Hegemann's pseudonym P. Rollmann) from Berlin.

Delcourt's/German's artwork features the subjects of buttocks fetishism, enema, masturbation, sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral and anal), pegging, spanking, breast worship, forced feminization, watersports, anilingus and more. Her work is all femdom and mostly F/F and F/m (with teenaged boys, or young adults, in the submissive roles). The boys often show erections, and sometimes ejaculation.

Known works[edit]

There are only two pencil drawings signed Julie Delcourt known so far. Both are dated 1938 and bear captions in French, and correspond to two unsigned watercolour versions. The majority of the oeuvre found on the Web -- more than 100 images -- is in watercolour, and this work is all unsigned, undated, without captions, and traditionally attributed to German, or Hegemann.

The source of these artworks is unknown.


The artist and his/her work remains much of mystery.

The artwork of Delcourt/German has more of an "American 1950s-1970s" look than a "French or German 1930s" look. However some features in the images, such as doorknobs, are clearly non-US. The few spanking images show hand-spanking, the switch and the birch -- no martinet, as were to be expected from a French artist. The visual style reminds of pin-up girls, magazine ad illustrations and fashion magazine drawings. The nylon stockings are more likely postwar than prewar. Pegging was rarely heard of before the 1970s (with some exceptions  Warning: 18+).

Hegemann's work from the 1920s/1930s looks different and much less professional than that of Delcourt/German. However there are certainly similarities, e.g. the captions of Hegemann's and Delcourt's works, and the subject matter.


  • Julie Delcourt stopped her work because of World War II but reappeared later, e.g. in the 1950s-1970s and maybe in another country, with watercolour versions of her earlier drawings and new artwork.
  • These were published anonymously, or under the pseudonym "German", in some fetish magazine.
  • The two known "Julie Delcourt" drawings are not really from 1938 but from a later time, and the name Julie Delcourt is a pseudonym.
  • "Julie Delcourt", "German" and "Richard Hegemann" are all the same person, whose artistic style became more professional over the years.
  • "Julie Delcourt" and "German" are one person, "Richard Hegemann" is another.
  • "Julie Delcourt", "German" and "Richard Hegemann" are three different persons.