Jean Martinet

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Cover for the first edition of Venez ici, qu'on vous fouette ! (1938).

Jean Martinet was a French author of spanking novels in the 1930s. This anonymous writer took his nom de plume from Jean Martinet (died 1672), a 17th century lieutenant-colonel and Inspector General of the French army. He was one of the first great drill masters of modern times and was notorious for enforcing harsh discipline. The English word martinet (definition: a strict disciplinarian) and the French word martinet, a short-handled flogger, are derived from the general's last name.

Martinet (the 20th century author) wrote works such as:

  • Matée par le fouet (1930), illustrated by Herric, translated into English as Mastered by the Whip and The Discipline of Odette
  • Venez ici, qu'on vous fouette! (1938), illustrated by Herric. The English title, Conjugal Lash, might be a translation of Venez ici, qu'on vous fouette!

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