Francis William Edmonds

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Francis William Edmonds (November 22, 1806 – February 7, 1863) was an American painter of genre subjects. A recurring stylistic attribute of his paintings is dark vignetting towards the corners of the artwork.


He was born on November 22, 1806 in Hudson, New York. Engaged during the greater part of his life as a cashier in a bank, he devoted his mornings and evenings to painting; but this constant toil weakened his health so much that in 1840 he came to Europe for rest. He first exhibited at the New York Academy in 1836, under an assumed name, Sammy the Tailor. This was followed, among other works, by Dominie Sampson in 1837, the Penny Paper in 1839, Sparking in 1840, Stealing Milk in 1843, Vesuvius and Florence in 1844, Bargaining in 1858, and The New Bonnet in 1859. In 1838 he was elected an associate of the National Academy, and in 1840 an academician. Edmonds was also active in the American Art-Union. He died at his residence in Eastchester, New York on the Bronx River on February 7, 1863.

Spanking art[edit]

At least two works by Edmonds reference school corporal punishment. In one, the teacher has a switch in his hand, in the other, a ruler.

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