Dublin O’Brien

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Dublin O’Brien, also known as Natasha, is an Irish spanking actress, active in Britain in the 2000s. A blue-eyed blonde, with a tattoo on the right of her lower back, she made early appearances as a spankee with Moonglow before starring in the Imposter series for Connoisseur Spanking and acting in numerous films for Northern Spanking in spankee, switch, and spanker parts. Though quite capable of playing traditional submissive characters, she is notable for roles involving displays of temper and swearing.


  • 92 Decibels (Northern Spanking, 2004), with Lucy McLean & James Walker
  • Behind the Scenes at Club Corporal, as Natasha
  • Bent Over at Sleepover (Calstar) with Emma Brown & David Charles
  • Boarding School Discipline, Episode 2 (Connoisseur Spanking), as the school nurse, with Monica
  • Bottom Burlesque Brothel (Northern Spanking, 2006) with Amy Hunter & Zena Stones
  • A Bureaucratic Beating (Spanking for Pleasure), with Michael Dawes
  • Caned by the Council (Calstar, 2008)
  • Catholic Discipline, vol.1: The Denial (2002), with Sarah Harvey Lewis, Chloe Martin, & Catherine Corbett
  • Catholic Discipline, vol.2: The Cleansing (2002), as Sarah Harvey Lewis & Chloe Martin
  • Catfight! (Northern Spanking, 2004), with Lucy McLean & James Walker
  • Carwash (Northern Spanking), with Jadie Reece & Michael Stamp
  • Cheers! (Northern Spanking, 2004) with James Walker
  • Double or Quits (Strictly English, 2002) as Karen, with Sam Johnson
  • Fancy That! (Northern Spanking, 2005), with James Walker
  • Georgina and the School Secretary (Top Marks), with Elizabeth Simpson
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bare Bottoms (Northern Spanking, 2005), with Amy Hunter, Jadie Reece & Michael Stamp
    • aka: Christmas Pantomime
  • The Headmaster’s Study (Top Marks), as Mary Flanagan
  • Heads or Tails (Stictly English) as Karen, with Sam Johnson
  • Honey, I Shrunk Your Clothes (Northern Spanking, 2005) with James Walker
  • Hot Cross Bunnies (Northern Spanking, 2007) with Lucy McLean, Yasmin Garcia & Leia Ann Woods
  • The Imposter, Part 1: The School Inspector (Connoisseur Spanking, 2003), as Nurse Fisher, with Monica
  • The Imposter, Part 2: The Police Inspector (Connoisseur Spanking, 2004), as Nurse Fisher, with Monica
  • The Imposter, Part 3: The Night Nurse (Connoisseur Spanking, 2004) as Nurse Fisher, with Monica
  • The Imposter, Part 4: Imposter’s End (Connoisseur Spanking, 2004), as Nurse Fisher with Monica
  • Inappropriate Activity at St Luke’s (Calstar, 2008), with Jadie Reece & Sascha Harvey
  • It’s Thigh Time You Pulled Your Weight (Northern Spanking 2005), with Paul Kennedy
  • Lady Penelope’s Folly (Moonglow, 2002), as Mary, with Stacey Rowe & Lorraine Ansell
  • Leia v. Dublin (Northern Spanking), with Leia Ann Woods
  • The Maid’s Revenge (Moonglow, 2002), with Tom Cooper
  • The Man in Room 113 (Northern Spanking), with Paul Kennedy
  • A New Head Girl (Northern Spanking, 2005) with Morgan Taylor, May Hunter, Lucy McLean & Paul Kennedy
  • Party Girls’ Caning Competition (Calstar, 2003), with Sarah Harvey Lewis, Elizabeth Simpson & Monica
  • Pecking Order (Northern Spanking, 2006) with Jadie Reece, Lucy McLean & Amy Hunter
  • Pity the Poor Maid (Northern Spanking, 2008), with Yasmin Garcia & Stephen Lewis
  • Prefects’ Stripes (Moonglow, 2002), with Sarah Harvey Lewis, Gina Moon, & Catherine Corbett
  • Simple Sum (Northern Spanking 2006), with Zena Stones & Michael Stamp
  • Three Tails of Woe (Moonglow/Top Marks), as Natasha
  • Time for Punishment (Calstar)
  • Walker Whacks Her (Northern Spanking, 2004) with James Walker