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A dress is an item of clothing consisting of a skirt attached to a bodice. A dress is thus an all covering garment in a way that a skirt is not. The style of a dress is subject to as much variety as both skirts and blouses can be.

The hem of a dress may lie anywhere between the ankles and the top of the thighs, depending on both the era and the modesty intended by or for the wearer. In addition, the depth of the neck line and the length of the sleeves also vary from garment to garment, and dresses exposing varying portions of the wearer's back are made.

Dresses are generally regarded as female clothing in Western society, and can be found mandated in the uniforms of nurses and schoolgirls.

Dresses in discipline[edit]

In the spanking scenario, a dress is as useful as a skirt in giving ready access to the buttocks. If the back is to be whipped, it can be possible to draw down the upper part of the dress, thus ensuring that the woman being flogged does not actually remove any of her clothing but is exposed for her whipping.

Due to the construction of a dress, the waistband is frequently not tight enough for the skirt to be tucked in to expose the wearer's bottom, and when a spankee is wearing a dress and it is desired for her bottom to be displayed, the skirt must be either held up or pinned in position.

Due to their feminine nature, men and boys are sometimes forced to wear dresses for punishment. This is known as petticoat punishment, after the undergarments sometimes worn underneath a dress.


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