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Dominique Wright, also known as Camilla, is a British spanking actress, active in the 1990s. As Camilla, she was a founder of Red Stripe, but she soon parted company with Ivor Gold and worked for other British video producers, most notably Moonglow West, which credited her as Dominique Wright. She played spanker, spankee, and switch roles with equal facility.

An articulate pale-skinned blonde with straight hair and a fringe, Dominique usually wore only light make-up in front of the camera. In Two for the Crop (1998), however, probably her best-known film, where she plays the manageress of Raimondo’s Restaurant, she has her hair loosely curled and her face heavily made-up.


  • Best Friends (Moonglow, 2000), as Pamela
  • Burning Ambition (Red Stripe, c.1995), as Dobson, with Ivor Gold
  • C.P. Therapy - The new Marriage Correction service (Moonglow West, 1998), as Mrs Horne, with John Kirwood and Stephanie
  • Christmas Thrashings (Moonglow West, 1998), with John Kirwood
  • Please Don’t Spank Me, Camilla (Red Stripe, 1994), as Camilla, with Yvonne & Ivor Gold
    • An extract was released under the title Caned by Camilla as Part 3 of Video Compendium Six (Cavern/Moonglow North, 1995)
  • Punishment at the Au Pair Agency (Spanking for Pleasure), as Amanda, with Nicky Maybanks
    • US title: Au Pair Agency (Calstar)
  • Secretarial College (Cheek to Cheek Video), as Amanda, with Luna Winter & Amanda King
  • Severity School (Cavern, c. 1994), as Amanda, with Gillian Taylor & Alison Payne
  • The Spanking House (Cavern/Moonglow North, 1998), with Alison Payne
  • Tales from C.P. House, as Camilla, with Gillian Taylor
  • Two for the Crop (Moonglow West, 1998), as Geraldine, with Lucy Bailey and John Kirwood