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Christie Goddard, presumably born in 1979, is a British actress and dancer.


Career progression[edit]

Christie Goddard told in an interview (see link below) about her career progression:

The Independent: "I suppose you were one of those little brats that always wanted to be on a stage?"
Christie Goddard: "Actually I started late, when I was nine. Some children start when they are two or three. I'm very career minded and always knew what I wanted to do. When I was 12 I went to the Italia Conti School and stayed there for four years. There's never been anything else I've wanted to do. I've always wanted to be a star."
The Independent: "What was your big break then?"
Christie Goddard: "Fate. When I was 18 I had a knee injury so couldn't dance. I took a job as a waitress at Gatwick Airport. A BBC researcher came in and we had a chat. He said he would give me a ring and I thought, yeah OK, but he did and I found myself auditioning for Noel's House Party. I didn't get in but I was put on a list and got used as a dancer in The Generation Game the following week. I became one of Jim Davidson's models and have since appeared in sketches with Julian Clary and Lily Savage. I'm one of six dancers who appear on TFI Friday with Chris Evans."

Personal living condition[edit]

At the age of 20, in the year of the DVD Release of Boobs in the Wood (Dec 6, 1999) as well as this interview (Dec 19, 1999), she lived by her parents in Redhill, Surrey:

The Independent: "So how have you gone from Chris Evans to panto?"
Christie Goddard: "I did a panto for Jim Davidson last year. It was Babes in the Wood and I was the fairy. This year I'm playing Cinderella at the Orchard in Dartford. We're trying to do it differently. There will be more depth and characters the audience actually feel for. There are some wonderful moments with Baron Hardup and also with Buttons when she realises that her best friend is in love with her."
The Independent: "Everybody say, ah!"
Christie Goddard: "Well, panto is heartwarming stuff."
The Independent: "So will Cinders be having a merry Christmas?"
Christie Goddard: "Yeah, I still live at home with my parents so it'll be really cosy. I've got the best parents you could wish for. So supportive. We're a close family. My dad is my worst critic and spots faults and knows when I'm not at my best. They have arguments as to where I get my talent and my looks from. My youngest sister, Ashley, who's 12, is following in my footsteps and was in a West End production of Scrooge. I've got four sisters."
The Independent: "Blimey, your poor dad..."
Christie Goddard: "Yeah! I love being with my family. God help the man that comes between me and them."


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The Independent[edit]
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In the cited Independent interview Christie Goddard alludes to her personal feelings.

The Independent: "Are you nervous about the panto?"
Christie Goddard: "A little bit. [...] I like to get to the theatre 30 minutes before the half-hour call to give myself a bit of time to focus. Every performance is a one-off, you don't know what to expect. The audiences are always different, that's what gives you the buzz. [...] I expect that every night we'll be going out for dinner. You are on such a high after a show you can not contemplate going to sleep."

Christie Goddard: "Well, panto is heartwarming stuff."
  — From The Independent; Sunday, December 19, 1999

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