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* [http://www.gettyimages.de/detail/86003080/SuperStock Father spanking his son] ([[M/m]] stock photo)
* [http://www.gettyimages.de/detail/85906353/SuperStock Mother spanking daughter on bed] ([[F/f]] stock photo)
* [http://www.gettyimages.de/detail/tlp5595828/Time-Life-Pictures Baby sitter Judy Fuss acting out giving her young charge a spanking but believes like most trained sitters that there are better ways of discipling children] ([[F/x]] stock photo)
* [http://skynews9.typepad.com/my_blog/2007/10/government-rule.html Example] ([[F/m]])
* [http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1581853,00.html Example] ([[M/m]])