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Men's ice blue briefs.
Men's white briefs.

Briefs are underwear worn by boys and men. They are often white and cover only the groin and buttocks, but not the legs. Unlike boxer shorts, brief s hold the user's genitals in a relatively fixed position.

Women's briefs[edit]

When used without qualification, "briefs" generally refers to male underwear. However, there is a particular style of panties that is also called "briefs". Oddly, in women's underwear, "briefs" cover more of the body than "high cuts" bikinis, or thongs. Women's "briefs" are brief only in comparison to styles no longer commonly worn. Women's briefs come in types such as:

  • full briefs (high waist, full bottom, wide sides)
  • high leg briefs (medium rise, high legs, narrow sides)
  • mini briefs (low rise, high legs, narrow sides)

Briefs in spanking[edit]

Briefs are often taken down in spanking, leading to a bare bottom spanking. They can be left up for a more serious spanking, such as caning, or for cases where nudity is not felt appropriate, such as a spanking in public. An alternative is to pull the briefs into the crack between the buttocks, which allows spanking on the bare sit-spot without removing the underwear completely. This technique is particularly effective over the knee.

Often, a spanking is first given for a while on the briefs as a warm-up before the briefs are taken down for the 'real', bare bottom, spanking to begin. This is a popular method because it triggers a nice mental reaction (for both spanker and spankee) when the spanking is taken 'one step further' towards more humiliation and more pain.

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