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A woman with big buttocks bending over.

Big buttocks is a general term for buttocks that are considered big, compared to others. Synonyms (as commonly used in erotica/pornography, spanking art and spanking video descriptions) include: big butt, big booty, big ass. The term bubble butt can refer to shapely rounded buttocks, either large or small.

While muscles can produce strong, but not particularly big buttocks, fatty tissue can. Big buttocks are therefore often found in overweight people. Some people have mainly big buttocks (possibly and thighs) without necessarily having much fatty tissue elsewhere, a medical condition named steatopygia. Women, when gaining weight, tend to build up fat tissue more concentrated on the buttocks and thighs than men do. Therefore, steatopygia occurs to a lesser degree in men. Women with big buttocks tend to also have big breasts.

Big buttocks in art and culture[edit]

Big buttocks are often found in art of all media: sculptures, painting, drawings, photographic and rendered art. Most of these works feature big buttocks on women. The oldest examples include some of mankind's oldest surviving depictions of the human form: paleolithic so-called Venus figurines, most dating back to 26,000–21,000 years ago, which are found all over Eurasia.

Big buttocks can be considered attractive or unattactive, sexy or unsexy. It is a matter of personal preference and also of cultural norms.

Big buttocks in spanking art[edit]

M/F spanking artwork by P. Beloti from the 1930s: the spankee has pretty much normal sized buttocks, but they may appear somewhat big in the context of contemporary body aestethics.

Big buttocks are rarer in spanking art than slim and average-sized buttocks. But there are a few notable exceptions. Most of these are works of artists that show this anatomical feature in all their artworks. Sometimes it is the spanker characters that have big buttocks (dominant ladies), and sometimes it is the spankee (typically younger ladies).

Spanking artists who draw heavily built (big butted) spankers include Swatty and (with more focus on big breasts) Sorenutz007.

Spanking artists who draw heavily built (big butted) spankees include SirNoddy.

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