Babydoll dress

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Woman in a babydoll dress.
A satin babydoll.

A babydoll dress (also spelled baby doll dress) is a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress that has a flared skirt which reaches to the mid-thigh. Babydoll dresses often, but not necessarily, have an Empire waist, the bodice ending just below the bust. ("Empire" refers to the first French Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte; Empress Josephine was influential in popularizing the style around Europe. Babydoll dresses are an exception from the rule that most Empire waist dresses are long length.) They also often have lace or ruffles.

Babydoll dresses tend to make the wearer look young and cute. They are popular for little girls, but also among adult women. There is also a type of nightgown, negligee and lingerie for women that is called babydoll because of its short length and loose cut that is typically either waistless or with an Empire waist.

Babydoll dresses are mainstream garments, but also lend themselves for ageplay. In spanking play, a babydoll dress is easily lifted, giving quick access to the wearer's bottom without having to take off the dress, for example for a spanking in the classic over-the-knee position.

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