You're Out of Your Mind, Maggie

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M/f spanking from Du är inte klok Madicken.

You're Out of Your Mind, Maggie (original title Du är inte klok Madicken) is a 1979 movie directed by Göran Graffman. It is based on Astrid Lindgren's novels about Madicken which are about two sisters, Margaretha (Madicken) and Elisabeth (Lisabet) and their adventures in 1910s (World War I) Sweden.

There is also a TV series, Madicken (1979), as well as a movie made from chosen parts of the tv-series, Meg of June Hill (original title Madicken på Junibacken, 1980).

The spanking scene[edit]

The movie contains one school spanking scene. Mia (played by Kerstin Hansson), a girl from a poor family who is in Maggie's (Madicken's) class, stole the headmaster's wallet. After spending the money on chocolate candy (which she shares with the other kids), she loses the empty wallet while playing in the schoolyard. Soon after, the wallet is found and Mia is convictable due to a decal known to be hers which was inside.

The headmaster (Jan Nygren) makes Mia come to the front of the classroom. He tries to question her, but the girl refuses to speak a word to him, or even to look at him. She is not willing to apologize either. So the headmaster finally declares that he is going to punish her, and goes to fetch a cane from his office. While he's out, her mild-hearted teacher (Fillie Lyckow) tries to talk Mia into apologizing, but she remains stubborn. The headmaster returns with the cane. He makes Mia turn around, orders her to bend over the desk, and begins to cane her (M/f) while the class and teacher are watching the scene with discomfort. After two strokes, Maggie (Madicken), who can't bear to watch it, raises her voice and tells him to stop. The headmaster is willing to give Mia one last chance and asks her once more if she's willing to apologize now. She slowly turns around, looks him in the eye, shouts "pisspot" and runs out, banging the door.

The nudity scenes[edit]

The movie contains two nudity scenes, both very innocent. The first is in the very opening and title sequence of the movie, containing the two sisters taking of their nightwear, running around their bedroom and jumping on their beds naked, laughing.

The other scene is after Madicken, Lisabet, Mia and Mia's little sister have been treated for head lice. The four girls are bathing in the small river, laughing and avoiding the maid Alva who tries to wash them.

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