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National Supermarkets Yardstick.
Yardstick presented by the guide of One Room Schoolhouse Weavertown (2003).

A yardstick is a slender measuring device usually made of wood. Essentially an elongated ruler, a yardstick can be either 36 inches (0.91 m) (the standard yard) or 39 inches (1 m) in length, that later is often called a meter rule instead.

guide kept tweaking various of the models, smoothing hair and things like that :-) I thought it was rather sweet that she loved her job so much.

Sweet, that is, until she produced a yardstick

  — Unknown

Use as a spanking implement[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #177
A X/f spanking with a bamboo yardstick, by sccssc123.

Like the shorter ruler, a yardstick ranks among those everyday household items which can double as a ready-to-hand spanking implement. Being an ever-present item in the typical classroom, the yardstick is also a popular choice for employment in a school spanking scenario.

The length of the stick gives the spanker a greater reach than the use of a shorter implement does, and also works to create a greater velocity of impact upon the target area. Although the yardstick’s flat wooden structure makes it similar to a miniature paddle, its length and pliability also gives it some of the characteristics of the cane or switch. In fact, the yardstick can be most effectively applied when the spankee is in the traditional caning position, but it does not typically cause the wicked physical damage the cane is capable of. Like the switch, the yardstick can also be effectively used on the bare legs as well as on the buttocks.

The length and flexibility of the yardstick also work as disadvantages, as they make the stick somewhat difficult for the spanker to keep a good grip on the flat handleless end of it during the administration of punishment. Also because of its thin construction, the stick can break quite easily if applied too energetically, necessitating either replacement or that the spanker continue with one of the broken pieces as an improvised ruler.

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