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"Ready mades against Hand mades"

Wood is a hard, solid material obtained from trees. It is used for many purposes such as building houses, furniture, tools, to make fire, etc. Wood can be given any imaginable shape using carpenting tools. Items made of wood are called wooden.

There are many different types of wood that come from different species of tree. Wood can be hard or (comparatively) soft, heavyweight or lightweight, and can have a wide variety of colors and textures, ranging from almost white to beige, brown, red-brown and dark-brown to black.

Wood in spanking[edit]

Some spanking implements are made of wood, such as paddles, sticks, switches, wooden spoons, wooden hairbrushes, wooden rulers, and canes (if cane material such as rattan is considered a type of wood, which is debatable).

Other implements have a wooden handle, such as certain types of straps and whips.

Spanking furniture and other pieces of furniture often used in spanking such as chairs, stools, tables and desks, are often made of wood, as well as bondage devices such as the pillory or the stocks.

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